Note that this was a 2011 Challenge
Painted or Dyed Silk Banner
Challenger: Lady Apollonia Voss
At each of the large Wars I’ve attended, the Kingdom of Atenveldt always displayed the most abundant and most beautiful silk banners in camp.  I contend that the most experienced and talented silk painters live within those sunny borders.

I challenge the artisans of our great Kingdom to paint or dye silk banners great in both quantity and quality to rival Atenveldt.  To this end here lies your challenge:  Design, create and display a silk banner made by your hand.  My only requirements are that the banner be newly made this year and larger than a handkerchief.  Any other size and shape is welcomed.  Entrants are asked to fly or appropriately display their entries on site for judging.

A winner will be chosen and rewarded based on the entry’s design, execution and ability to be seen and recognized while in use. 

Contact challenger Apollonia Voss at