Note that this was a 2011 Challenge
Hardwick Hall Embroidery
Challenger: Baroness Cellach ingen Chernaig, OL
Hardwick Hall houses a treasure trove of period embroideries and is a place very dear to my heart. For my challenge I would like you to create a piece of embroidery that would fit in with the rest of the period pieces of household embroidery housed there. It does not have to be an exact reproduction. I am looking for similarities in the techniques used, but you can make it your own in the design.  Examples of pieces that could be done are an appliqued wall hanging or cushion, cutwork cushions, embroidered bed linens, anything Mary Queen of Scots made while imprisoned on the land, or anything else that can be found there.
Ideal documentation will tell me about your piece and how it's similar (and how different) from the inspiration piece.
Contact challenger Celleach ingen Chernaig at