Note that this was a 2011 Challenge
Food for the Cloth of Gold
Challenger: Baroness Elizabeth Talbot
It is the year of our Lord's grace 1520.  There is to be an extravagant celebration of peace between England's King Henry and the new young King Francois I of France.  The Field of Cloth of Gold will be held in Calais as a celebration of eternal peace and equality between the lands of England and France.  Prepare and display a meal that might have been presented by either side as a rich and diplomatic gesture for the entertainment of the nobles at play. 
Documentation should explain the symbolism of each item in the repast, the country of origin and how this display should forward the peace between these two great powers.
Because of space considerations, anyone taking up this challenge who will wish kitchen facilities MUST contact the event staff at PRIOR to the event. We will do our best to work with you, but please know the event site has a small kitchen. Please include ingredient lists.
Contact challenger Elizabeth Talbot at