Note that this was a 2011 Challenge
The Craft Behind Your Art: Make Some Tools
Challenger: Lady Apollonia Voss
Make two different implements and use them to make something appropriate to the SCA period of study.  Examples might include: a loom and shuttle used to make a length of fabric; paints and a brush to illuminate a miniature; a mold and carving tool to create a subtlety.  The combinations are abundant and I am sure you can find good pairings in your art, craft or science.  Extra points are awarded if you are able to document your implements’ design or how-to instructions in a period source.

The emphasis on this challenge is in the making and using of your tools/implements/objects required to complete a project and less on the piece you make with them.  The hypothetical maximum points winner would share the items made—the two implements and the final piece—and documentation including period references, period instructions and an explanation on how the implements were used to make the final piece. 

Have fun with this one!  The winner will receive a custom piece of headgear (circlet, coronet, hair sticks) appropriate to his or her station.
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