House of Loom

1012 South 10th Street 

 "We’re a hybrid bar concept founded on the momentum & social theory of a multicultural dance event known as “loom: Weaving the Social Fabric Through Dance.” The social theory behind loom developed over five years prior to House of Loom opening is centered around creating socially conscious dance, music, art & educational programs that will in turn create community and promote social progress. From DJ-led dance parties, interesting & diverse live musicians, visual & performing art, along with providing a forum to discuss & learn about social issues within our community, House of Loom at its core is an artful social experiment. 

 The third key ingredient about House of Loom is what lies behind our bar. We’re considered a craft bar, meaning we squeeze our own fresh juices, create our own syrups in-house and offer a small but carefully tailored selection of premium beers, wines, whiskeys and absinthe with a particular emphasis on craft cocktails in the pre-Prohibition style of balanced mixtures with fresh ingredients. 

In the same way that people come to House of Loom to hear or learn something new, people come to our bar to taste something different and to celebrate the romantic side of a good drink. House of Loom is a space where expression, integration and inspiration will be a regular occurrence." 

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