art transforms lives, not just alleys.

Thank you to all the community-spirited artists
who donated their time, talent and vision
to help transform a small part of our community!

your vision lives on
ArtWalk, 10-4-08. The community takes to the alleys looking for beauty.             Shana engages kids in the alley about urban agriculture and local food, and                                                                                                                                                            how it relates to her painting, fields below an urban scape.
ArtWalk: Garage owner Mike pulled out his tuba, the neighbor kids played maracas,
and we paraded through the alleys!

.3000 Holton/Booth Alley

3017 N. Booth: Angela Livermore

3039 N. Booth:
Tia Richardson
Tia began this beautiful mural on Saturday morning of ArtWalk. Check back soon to see the finished product!

3035 N. Booth: Kate Luscher
Panel to be affixed to back fence. Panel was donated by one of the homeowner/artists.

3032 N. Holton: Pacia Salomi and Elizabeth Sawyer
This garage used to be a chicken house. 

The chickens will come back one day.                                              Can you find the chicken door? 

3029a N. Booth: Shana Goetsch
Shana worked with the homeowner to come up with a vision of sustainability. She incorporates text and a field below an urban scene.

3029 N. Booth: Juliet Jaeger
The door had 2 or 3 significant holes and multiple smaller ones. The homeowner got advice from neighbors and patched the holes.

This garage is across from where a blacksmith used to be.

Using 5 layers of stencils, Juliet has incorporated a blacksmith inside a volcano.

3057 N. Booth: Maureen Kane
                                                                                                                                          Organizer, artist, and homeowner together!

The homeowners are Spanish-speaking. Maureen loves drawing hearts. Annie Weidert translated. Voila! English y Español!

3061 N. Booth: Juliet Jaeger
The hooded artist strikes again. Jellyfish in the ocean.

The jellyfish population is growing. That's because sharks are being killed off to provide humans with the delicacy dish, shark fin soup. Sharks are caught, definned and tossed back into the water, often still alive. What happens in our waters affects all of us somewhere down the line. It's appropriate that this jellyfish is between a downspout and a sewer (lower left corner).

3000 Booth/Pierce Alley

3006 N. Booth: Kari Garon

Kari stencils the idea of gardening and growing in Riverwest.

3009 N. Pierce: Kara Mulrooney and Kristopher Pollard
Kara and Kristopher bring in some of the figures from Milwaukee's history. The middle bar, which the homeowner added as a quick-fix repair, was used by them to depict the River.

3010 N. Booth
: Steven Ruiz and Fred ?

The homeowner loves beer and is a home brewer.

3016 N. Booth: Lynn Allen
Taurus and Scorpio. Watch for the phases of the moon and the earth goddess. (coming soon)

3022 N. Booth: Brian McGinnis
The homeowner painted this door green at the request of the artist. Brian added the crows at the request of the homeowner.

The wording below? "All Day"

Closeup of crows

3041 N. Pierce: Paul Peck and Cicely Babb  This garage was badly in need of scraping and priming. Paul helped out the elder homeowner and did both sides.

The homeowner wanted to see cattails and the sun and Paul readily agreed, since some of Milwaukee started up as marshland.

617 E. Burleigh
: Jessica Laub
The homeowner wanted a Bodhi tree, the namesake for their young son. Jessica thought that was perfect.
This garage is at the far end of the alley and is visible from the other end, drawing people in with its coor

2900 Pierce/Fratney Alley

2978 N. Pierce: Chris Christie and Vanessa Andrews
Chris said this wall was challenging because of all the bumps.

But it added texture and depth that enhanced the organic look of the final image. How cool is that?