Garage Door Master Page

ARTISTS - You are most likely to get hooked up with an available garage door. The large images are unclaimed so far. The smaller images have been claimed. A request does not mean that there has been any agreement. We encourage you to send in your top three choices. 
Available Doors

Assigned Doors
Alley Tour
large photos below are available...small photos below have been assigned. 

Holton-Booth Street Alley
3017 N. Booth
Middle door CLAIMED by Angela Livermore. Owner will consider other doors.

3029a N. Booth
CLAIMED by Shana Goetsch

3029 N. Booth (door will be repaired)
CLAIMED by Juliet Jaeger

3032 N. Holton
CLAIMED by Pacia Sallomi


3035 N. Booth (No direct painting. Paint on a panel to screw into the fence)
CLAIMED by Kate Luscher.

3039 N. Booth
Visible from Holton St. - No house behind them.
(Metal door)

3052 N. Booth

3057 N. Booth
CLAIMED by Maureen Kane

3061 N. Booth
Small concrete wall at entrance to alley.
CLAIMED by Juliet.

Booth/Pierce Alley
3006 N. Booth
Left and Middle door are metal and still available for stencil or spray paint artists only.
Right door CLAIMED by Kari Garon

3009 N. Pierce
CLAIMED by Kara Mulrooney and Kristopher   

3010 N. Booth
CLAIMED by Brian M

3011 N. Pierce
Requested by Megan Gordon
No direct painting. Paint on a panel to screw into the wall.

3015 N. Pierce
Side wall of house. No direct painting. Paint on a panel to screw into the wall.

3016 N. Booth
CLAIMED by Lynn Allen

3022 N. Booth
CLAIMED by Brian

3032-34 N.Booth
(both sides are now primed and ready to paint)

3041 N Pierce
CLAIMED by Paul Peck

617 E. Burleigh
CLAIMED by Jessica Laub
You can see this door from the opposite end of the alley.


Fratney/Pierce Doors

2978 N. Pierce
entrance to Fratney/Pierce Alley
CLAIMED by Vanessa Andrews and Chris Christie

2965 N. Fratney
(Metal door)

2959 N. Pierce
NEW DOOR! (needs priming)

2950 N. Pierce
(one door needs scraping and priming)

 2925 N. Fratney.

2911 N. Fratney....owner is artist
CLAIMED by Llysa and Karvari


2912-14 N. Pierce
Right and middle door are metal. Owner will allow paint if properly prepared. Also, area above doors or South garage wall (see next photo)
2912-14 N. Pierce - South garage wall
Care must be taken to not spill on neighbor's new concrete

714 E. Locust
(metal door)
You can see this garage from Locust St.
720 E. Locust St. Woodland Patter Books
You can see this from Locust St. where cars are often backed up at light. (2nd photo shows what's on WP's front)
Requested by Brian

This is the front of Woodland Pattern at 720 E. Locust St.