Collected Works

Homeowners, select your top 3 favorite artists. Please note that artists with addresses next to them have already been taken. You can look forward to seeing their work in an alley soon!

Dan Sweetland



Sicely Liberty



The artists below have been assigned:

Jessica Laub - 617 E Burleigh

Tia Richardson - 3039 N. Booth


Shana Goetsch - 3029a N. Booth


Vanessa Andrew - 2978 N. Pierce


Lynn Allen - 3016 N. Booth

Kate Luscher - 3035 N. Booth St.

Maureen Kane - 3057 N. Booth

Kari Garon - 3006 N. Booth (one door)

Juliet Jaeger - 3029 N. Booth
Uneven Ground            Force of Habit

Pacia Sallomi - 3032 N. Holton

Elizabeth Sawyer - 3032 N. Holton

Brian McGuinnis: 3022 N. Booth

Paul Peck: 3041 N. Pierce
Rainy Day (rejected Proposal)
A Shameless Publicity Stunt (rejected proposal)

Birth of Milwaukee (accepted proposal)

Kara Mulrooney: 3009 N. Pierce