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Flower Costumes For Kids

flower costumes for kids
    for kids
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  • A set of clothes in a style typical of a particular country or historical period
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  • a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
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flower costumes for kids - Baby Blossom
Baby Blossom Halloween Costume - (SMALL 6-12 Months) - 6013
Baby Blossom Halloween Costume - (SMALL 6-12 Months) - 6013
This infant Baby Blossom Costume costume is perfect for her first Halloween party. This is the most unique baby blossom costume that you will find in any city! Your baby will look so cute in this adorable baby blossom costume for Halloween. This Baby Blossom Costume features lined zippered bodysuit with leg snaps for easy diaper change, hood with attached petals and embroidered bee accent plus slip-on booties with skid resistant bottoms. Available in sizes: SM 6-12 Month, MED 12-18 Month, LRG 18 Month-2T

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Asia - Vietnam / Dao Ao Dai girl
Asia - Vietnam / Dao Ao Dai girl
In Vi?t Nam, Dao ethnic group has about 450,000 people, ranking 9th among other ethnic groups in the country. Dao people are honest, good-natured, unsophisticated and hospitable. Dao ethnic group has many strange customs. In marriage, for example, men have to stay at their wife's family from two to three years, even in the long time (if they stay forever at their wife's family, they have to change their family name into their wife's family name). They also have a habit of using white silver to evaluate bride, literally, buying and marrying off, such silver will belong to the young couple. On the wedding day, the bride makes up very beautifully, wearing red hat with patterns on her head and many silver necklaces and bracelets. The bride entourage is also accompanied by wizard, horn, gong, drum and music players. To the husband's house, the bride must stop at the temporary house before entering the house at proper time. Stepping up onto the house, the bride must "wash her hands", step over fine basket and carry out many other rites in the witness of the two families before stepping through the door. When the first baby is born, the wife must give birth at her own bedroom. In the first three days, doors must be planted with certain leaves to prevent strangers from entering the house. Dao ethnic families exist stably under the patriarchy where the women are not listed in the will and not entitled to inherit the family's assets. In terms of housing structure, Dao people have three kinds of house: house on stilts, house on ground, house both on stilts and on ground. Houses are structured by strong, simple but skillfully combined wood and bamboo that shows the privacy and tactfulness of the Oriental people. Type of traditional houses of Dao people in white trousers is house on stilts, often comprised of three compartments, components are connected by loose materials. However, they don’t have to use nails during construction. Such type of house has only one staircase with odd number of steps; in the house, there are often two kitchens. Dao Do house is built both on ground and on stilts on halfway down the hills. Clothes of Dao ethnic group remain unchanged with many traditional features, for example, materials including indigo-dyed cotton fabric in blue, red, black, violet or white. Dao D? people wear red scarves and red flowers on the chest; Dao people with close-fitting trousers wear close-fitting trousers; Dao people with white trousers have quite big brassiere to cover chest and abdomen, on the wedding day, the bride wears white trousers; Dao Lan Tuy?n people wear long shirts and small hats. Dao ethnic group has quite diversified and traditional culture shown in various customs and beautiful dances, good songs, treasures of fairy tales, mythological stories, fables, folksongs, idioms and riddles. Foreign tourists who have chance to visit the Northern West of Vi?t Nam are quite fond of discovering the life and customs of the local residents. Dao Ao Dai (above) wear quite simple costumes for Dao. The Ao Dai in their name is due to the similarity of their tunic to the Ao Dai of the Viet Kinh. However, it is usually hooked up at the front. A distinctive bonnet of black and red material embroidered at the edges and decorated with coloured tassels and small coins is also worn. This photo was taken on the road between Ha Giang town and Yen Minh.
For Pat
For Pat
Today, would have been my older sister, Pat's birthday ! She was such a special person, a special sister ! Funny, a good heart ! She could build a vanity, paint a painting, sew anything, great at crafts, made a bazillion costumes for her kids & mine ! She was older, so she could remember all kinds of fun things about you that you totally forgot , plus all kinds of family history ! My best friend ! Happy Birthday Pat !! :)) Seen in Explore ! Thank you all so very much for your visits, faves & compliment !! :)

flower costumes for kids
flower costumes for kids
Pink Flower Dress-up Dance Pageant Headband
This Pink Reversible Flower headband will be perfect for any child who loves dressing up. This auction is for 1 pink flower with hot pink felt on one side and iridescient shiny pink fabric on the other side. The headband is great for hours of imaginary play and makes an excellent party favor for Garden Parties or for Dance, Pageants, Programs or Plays. The headband is new & unused item. Additional headbands are available. The headband is a standard size headband, 13.75 inches from end to end.