Chocolate Covered Fruit Bouquets

chocolate covered fruit bouquets
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chocolate covered fruit bouquets - Covered
Covered explores the world of heavily tattooed women and female tattoo artists in the United States. Within the last decade, tattoos have exploded in popularity, becoming a commonplace adornment, as well as a popular topic for reality television (Miami Ink, Hart & Huntington, LA Ink, Marked). Once only a man's domain, women now comprise fifty percent of all tattoo customers, and are becoming tattoo artists in larger numbers within this male-dominated industry. While the television shows focus on tattoo design selection and collector's stories almost exclusively, Covered takes a larger, sociological perspective on what it means to be a heavily tattooed woman in today's society-from the perspective of the women themselves. Many anthropological documentaries on the topic focus exclusively on men; therefore, Covered provides an important addition to the history of tattooing. Finally, while a great deal of the tattoo literature and documentary films focus on the so-called deviance or extreme subcultures of tattoo collecting (gangs, prisoners, soldiers, native tribal members); Covered presents the ways in which everyday heavily tattooed women must negotiate social sanctions from strangers, family, friends, and employers, in order to enjoy their love of tattoo artwork. Covered is a feature length documentary with chapters on tattoo designs, navigating social reactions, tattoo industry apprenticeship processes, the experiences of female tattooists, and tattoo conventions. Covered features music by Vagiant Boston, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, Mydols, Yokahama Hooks, The Blowouts, Rise of the Goners, Shit City High, and Mata Dolor.
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Choco Berry Bouquet : Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Choco Berry Bouquet : Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Your guests and friends will be thrilled with the beauty and the amazing taste of this scrumptious combination of chocolate covered strawberries. This luscious arrangement is overflowing with a few plain strawberries, semi-sweet chocolate covered strawberries, milk chocolate covered strawberries and white chocolate covered strawberries.
Day 29 - A Homemade Fruit Bouquet
Day 29 - A Homemade Fruit Bouquet
We were invited to my niece's 17th birthday, and I couldn't wrap my head around what to get a teen these days. So I gave her fruit. Which solidified my "not-cool" status even further. But I did get brownie points for the chocolate covered strawberries and cake balls.

chocolate covered fruit bouquets
chocolate covered fruit bouquets
October Project Covered
Independent recording artist, October Project, known all over the world for its breathtaking, transformative albums has released a beautiful collection of songs called COVERED: The songs of Emil Adler and Julie Flanders. Flanders & Adler are known for spiritually-themed, poetic music which has been described as "passionate and ethereal" and perceived as being in the same genres as Enya, Sarah McLachlan (with whom the band toured in the mid-1990's) and Loreena McKennitt.
COVERED features 16 independent artists doing unique "covers" of Flanders & Adler's extraordinary and influential work,