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Lollipops Flowers

lollipops flowers
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lollipops flowers - Muscari Lollipop
Muscari Lollipop Collection - 60 Flower Bulbs
Muscari Lollipop Collection - 60 Flower Bulbs

Muscari Lollipop Collection - 60 Flower Bulbs

Create a stunning effect in your garden with this fantastic money saving Lollipop Muscari collection
comprising 20 of each variety Purple Lollipops - Silver Blue Lollipops and Azur Blue Lollipops.

Fragrant Flowers from April until May
Hardy (0F)
Spreads out over the years
Easy to grow
Full grown size: 5 - 6 ''
Offer Comprises:

20 Azurblauer Traubenhyazinthe Azureum (5/6 cm)
20 Muscari Armeniacum (6/7 cm)
20 Silberblaue Traubenhyazinthe Valerie Finnis (6/7 cm)

87% (11)
Lollipop, lollipop, ooh, lolli lollipop
Lollipop, lollipop, ooh, lolli lollipop
These wave petunias reminded me of pink lollipops. Seen at Ludema's Greenhouses, where I had my first job planting flats and selling vegetables ~ in 1976 -- that was a long time ago! Beautiful flowers everywhere you look. Here's another direction:
Lollipop flower hedge
Lollipop flower hedge
Lollipop flower hedge, Paty Drive, Honolulu, March 2008: Pachystachys lutea is also called the golden shrimp plant.

lollipops flowers