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florist in san jose
    san jose
  • A city in western California, south of San Francisco Bay; pop. 894,943. It lies in the Santa Clara valley, known as Silicon Valley, a center of the electronics industries
  • a city in western California located at the southern end of San Francisco Bay to the south of San Francisco; a center for computer and electronics industries
  • the capital and largest city of Costa Rica
  • Diridon Station (formerly the Cahill Depot or the Southern Pacific Depot; also known as San Jose Diridon or Downtown San Jose-Diridon Station) is the central passenger rail depot for San Jose, California. It also serves as a major transit hub for Santa Clara County.
  • (floral) resembling or made of or suggestive of flowers; "an unusual floral design"
  • A person who sells and arranges plants and cut flowers
  • someone who grows and deals in flowers; "the florist made up an attractive bouquet"
  • a shop where flowers and ornamental plants are sold
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Fall into Flowers
Fall into Flowers
Today, I shot this images of flowers for a local florist. This is my first layout for her flyers and the rest of the images will be printed for her catalog. The florist does not have a website, she owns 4 greenery in Morgan Hill, Ca. and is a distributor to local flower shops in the Area. I am so honored to be working with her, and I learned that the best way to grow Roses is to URINATE on them, funny but true, as she says.
2010 Flower winter catalog cover.
2010 Flower winter catalog cover.
My 8th and last layout for my flower assignment that I shot for a local florist that distributes flowers to local flower shop in Morgan Hill, Ca. Area. The assignment was great, fun and memorable, when the clients shared some of her tips on how to grow Roses... The winter catalog cover minus my watermark, which is a total bummer!

florist in san jose