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A New Meaning

Year 2009 is Charles Darwin's 200th birthday (12 February) and 150th anniversary (24 November) of the publication of his famous book, On the Origin of Species. I write these as my celebration and simple tribute to his life!
*   Prologue
1. Common Nonsense : Whatever you see may be a lie! Whatever you hear may be a lie! Your common sense itself may be a lie! (Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence)
2. Shape of Nature : Look at the forest and the mountains… do you see any proper structure or shape? (Fractal)
3. Not a Magic : It's the magic of life and mind. It's not magic, but it feels like magic! (Emergence)
4. Life Machine : Who are we? (Evolution)
5. Life Code : How is help really helpful? Why is mother-care more common than father? Why are females pickier than males? What is the purpose of romance? (Selfish Gene)
6. Life Technology : What is life? Is it possible to create artificial life? Why do we age? Is it possible to create anti-aging drugs? (Genetic Engineering)
(Many more to come)

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