Library List

If you want to succeed as a 'ficer, you'll need to know where to find
all the cool formulae. In particular for constructs, you'll need to
know the formula for all the parts as well as the construct itself. So
a hefty chunk of time per boot is spent running around libraries. You
could even make money running around and selling formulae to people
who don't have time to check all the libraries and just want to get
killing. Knowing where to look is important. So, here is a list of

If you know of any more, mail me, and I'll credit you.

* = may require fighting to reach


Tantallon library - 4 rooms - 3w n w
Mage Hall - via the dimension door
Cleric Church - se from cleric's outer board

Alton - 2 (maybe 4) rooms - allw 2s 3w alln *
Newbie manor - 2 - 8n e ne
- n e
- 2n u e s
Orc mountain - allw alln w alln alld w *
Chaos guild - 16w 4n 2w alln e *
Sadris - quest area
Balan - 2 rooms 13n 6w 4s w
- w s
- 4w 2n w smash w w
Neville - Oterim's room - 10n 3e 5n 2e n
Hopkins' area - Hopkins' room - 16n 5e nw sw 2w open s s
Nepeth - 7 rooms - 13n 6w 3n
- Nepeth library - 4 rooms - e 2n
- e n u
- e n e n
- e n e
- Zarkan's room - 7n open n n open w w *
- Wealthy man's study - 3n 3e n open n n u
- Gilbert's room - 7n open n 2n e u 2w open w w *
Cyrano's house - quest area
Paladin hall - 16n 2e enter hall n (need a nice align)
Fairy ring - 20n w all n enter ne all e se alls 2e open s s
Mount Kresh - 2 rooms - dirs too bloody long *
Burnham castle - quest area
Tingi Village - quest area
Flaw - alln ne 2n e ne n w ne u open n n (destroys elephants!)
Zhammar - very questish *
Music man - 2 rooms, very questish.
Academy - 9 rooms! - 31n 9w 8n nw
-3w s
-3w n
-2w n e
-2w n e n (need a pass)
-2w n e n (no hints here) d
-2w n e n (no hints here) d e *
-2w n e n (no hints here) d e n *
Underground forest - 2 rooms. Cassandra's room and one west of Cassandra's room.
Too long to write out. *
Gnoll temple - Ghost room - 31n 9w 10n 6e ne n w s *
Also a library just north of there.
Ebon manor - 31n 9w 10n 13e 5s enter yard e all n open n n all w
Gaius' house - I have no ideas on the dirs
Battlefield - Lyr's room. *
Clan Shieldhand - Ioga's room, watch out if you're not a dwarf! *
Retirees - one library
Snowfolk Guild - 1 library
31n, 9w, 10n, 8w, 25n, 11e, 4s, 5e, 4s, 4e, 3n, enter igloo.
Felgand's Training Camp - 1 room

Scythe camp - 2 rooms, questish.
Paladial estates - allw e 9s ne 2w s
Varys' place - 10w 4s allw 6s 2e enter
Eldar - 10w 4s allw 6s e s sw say OMG PASSPLZTHX n w
Convent - quest area
Monastery - quest area
Listan - quest area...
Sydryth - Quest area!
Achrya - 11s 17w 6s 2e s 7e 7s 4w 5s sw get seed from cup plant seed w n
get stone s place stone in pattern alld n move bed open
trapdoor d *
Manspider caves - 10w 4s allw 6s e s 8e 14s 1w se to entrance. *
Knight's retreat - Jush's study! Youch! *
Alaticiria - quest area *
Rodentid area - 2 rooms. It's questish. Or miniquest. Or hard, anyway. *
Kafouin caravan - Wanders.
And of course, the Library of Artifice

Infidian Continent
Gemynd - Mayor's study in Gemynd
Gemynd - Library in Gemynd

* = may require fighting to reach