The Top 10 Reasons to Get Your CTM (CC)

By Lily Limtiaco (Ed-U-Topics speech, delivered on April 2001)
updated by Bob Hudack, February, 2012

Last week, I received a “TIPS” newsletter from  Toastmasters International."Tips" is a  imonthly publication for club and area officers. This issue listed 10 terrific reasons to get your CTM award. (In 2012, this is now the Competent Communicator (CC).)

I was excited when I read that, because, many members of our club are still working towards their CTMs and this information is informative and motivational.

Beware! I am going to call on volunteers throughout my presentation to help me hold up visual aids. This will help me to decrease the number of members who fall asleep during my presentation, and I think it is very cool to have some friends to stand by me and keep me company (grin)…

Here are the 10 terrific reasons to get your CTM:

# 10: You practice using all the major "Building Blocks" of effective oral communication through the 10 Cool Assignment from the CTM Manual.
# 9: You gain experience in speaking before an audience 10 times.
# 8: The CTM title looks really good on your resume.
# 7: The CTM award is a milestone- like completing a marathon, getting a diploma or earning a sales award…
# 6: It helps your club gain Distinguished status.
# 5: You get a nice certificate, and it is free!
# 4: It feels good! Skill + Confidence = Competence.
#3: You obtain the benefit of 10 oral and written evaluations in a friendly and supportive, yet structured, atmosphere.
#2: Your CTM opens the door to further progress towards Advanced Toastmaster and
Competent Leader designations.
#1: You get to wear a cool badge like mine.

For these great reasons, I ask my audience helpers, please shake your signs for me…

I hope these will reignite you desire to earn your CTM . Please remember that
we will be there to help you. For those who have achieved the CTM level, please stay
tuned for the next sequel "10 Terrific Reasons to get Your Advanced Communicator award…"