Five Steps to Inject Vitality into Your Speech

by Stephen Mayer, ATM Silver

Every time you speak in public you have the opportunity to share something of value
with the audience. If you can let the audience feel what you feel, you will connect in a
way that is rewarding to both you and the audience.

Accomplishing this can be a challenge. You must be excited about your speech if you
expect your audience to be. So make your speech "come to life." Here are five things
that you can do to inject vitality into all of your speeches.

TAKE A STANCE - It starts with the right attitude. Decide what yours is. Are you
trying to inspire, inform, entertain, motivate, teach, convince or accomplish any
of many other purposes? Once you have decided your purpose, maintain a tone
consistent with that purpose throughout your speech.

TELL THE TALE - Use stories, stories, and more stories. Draw from your own
experiences. Be energetic. Nothing makes a point "stick" better than a story.

PAINT THE PICTURE - Use visualization and characterization to add drama and life.
Be enthusiastic. Strive to let the audience see, hear, taste, smell and feel what you do.
Create visual images with your words, voice, and gestures.

STRUT YOUR STUFF -Be as animated as is natural to you. Push yourself through
your comfort zone. You will be amazed at what you are capable of doing. Avoid
pretentiousness. Have fun and your audience will too.

SHINE THROUGH - Shakespeare wrote, "This above all to thine own self be true."
There is no better advice for a public speaker. Allow your self-expression to shine.
Draw from the treasure trove that is uniquely you and share that with the audience. Be
genuine and the audience will embrace you.

Copyright 2000 Stephen Mayer