Mentor Program

Participation in the Mentor Program will team you, the new member, with an experienced member (a mentor) in an informal, interactive, and supportive relationship to assist you in achieving accelerated growth in public speaking and leadership, and maximize your enjoyment and effectiveness when participating in Club meetings. The program is informal and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Your participation is entirely voluntary. 

Definition of a Mentor

The word "mentor" has its origin in Greek mythology: the goddess Athena, disguised as a wise old man named Mentor, was the teacher and guardian of Telemarchus, the son of Odysseus. Consequently, in modern usage, a mentor is a wise and loyal advisor, counselor, guide, teacher, and coach. More specifically, a Club 316 mentor:
  • Possesses advanced skills, experience, and knowledge in public speaking and leadership.
  • Provides support, constructive feedback, and advice to help you build upon your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses as you define and achieve public speaking and leadership goals.
  • Knows Club 316 roles, duties, procedures, and traditions.
  • Attends Club meeting regularly and is an active participant.
  • Believes in the value of the mentoring relationship.

Mentor Program Goals

The Mentor Program is designed and administered to help you achieve three primary goals:
  1. Experience accelerated growth and achievement in public speaking and leadership, including the mastery of basic skills, development of a personal style or technique, and control or elimination of nervousness.
  2. Learn Club 316 roles, duties, procedures, and traditions, many of which are unique to Club 316, allowing you to maximize your contribution to, and enjoyment of, each Toastmaster meeting you attend.
  3. Develop supportive friendships with other Club members and create an ongoing experience of community as we all help each other to learn, grow, and achieve worthwhile goals.

Mentor Program Overview

Working with the VP Membership, you will be encouraged to choose a mentor during the first few weeks after you join Club 316. The VP Membership can assist you in making a choice or, if you have no preference, you will be assigned a qualified mentor. Alternately, you are free to decline participation in the program. If you participate, your interaction with your mentor will begin immediately. The VP Membership will occasionally discuss the mentor relationship with you and your mentor to assess and ensure its effectiveness in meeting your needs and goals and those of Club 316. 

Your interaction with your mentor will occur both during and outside Club 316 meetings. During Club meetings, your mentor will observe your performances in the various roles and duties and give you support, instruction, and constructive feedback. Outside of Club meetings, communication will typically occur by telephone and e-mail whereby your mentor will share with you information, knowledge, and perspective. In particular, he or she can present and discuss feedback about your past performances, and discuss ideas, strategies, and goals for your upcoming speeches and other meeting roles and duties. You, in turn, are encouraged to communicate your questions, concerns, and desires for support and feedback. Throughout, your willing and active participation is essential to make the most of this valuable opportunity for accelerated growth and achievement. 

Your level of interaction with your mentor is likely to decline after 6 to 12 months, depending in part on how quickly you master the Club meeting roles and your rate of growth in public speaking. You'll be surprised how quickly you will develop increasing autonomy and self-direction through your interaction with your mentor. 

A Few of the Benefits You'll Experience

  1. You will experience accelerated growth and achievement in public speaking and leadership through the attainment of skill, knowledge, and self confidence in a constructive, supportive environment.
  2. You will minimize the frustration, embarrassment, and anxiety that so often accompanies a trial-and-error approach to public speaking based on self-reliance and self-motivation.
  3. You will enjoy attending and participating in Club meetings because you'll be knowledgeable about your duties and you'll be prepared to perform to the best of your ability.
  4. You will quickly feel an integral part of a dynamic effort to make confident, competent public speaking a reality for all who are willing to work for it.
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