Current Duty Roster

Last update: 10/1/2015

Duty Roster for October 8th, 2015


Toastmaster – Tommy Shea

Topic Master – Bobbi Hall


Speaker 1 – Venu Vollala

Speaker 2 – Manjiri Namjoshi

Speaker 3 – Sudh Karmarker


General Evaluator – Hannah Erbele


Evaluator 1 – Jackie Ly

Evaluator 2 – Denny Reyling

Evaluator 3 – Swathi A.K.


Grammarian – Deepti Fadnavis

Vote Counter/Joke Master – Ryan Tyler

Flag Salute/ Ah Counter – Smita Pattnaik

Timer – Bob Hudack

Hot Seats –

Not Available – Jason Lin

Duty Roster for October 15th, 2015


Toastmaster – Denny Reyling

Topic Master – Smita Pattnaik


Speaker 1 – Bob Hudack

Speaker 2 – Tommy Shea

Speaker 3 – Hannah Erbele


General Evaluator – Swathi A. K.


Evaluator 1 – Jason Lin

Evaluator 2 – Manjiri Namjoshi

Evaluator 3 – Deepti Fadnavis


Grammarian – Jackie Ly

Vote Counter/Joke Master – Bobbi Hall

Flag Salute/ Ah Counter – Ryan Tyler

Timer – Venu Vollala

Hot Seats – Sudh Karmarker

Not Available – 

Duty Roster for October 22nd, 2015


Toastmaster – Jackie Ly

Topic Master – Jason Lin


Speaker 1 – Ryan Tyler

Speaker 2 – Denny Reyling

Speaker 3 – Swathi A. K.


General Evaluator – Manjiri Namjoshi


Evaluator 1 – Hannah Erbele

Evaluator 2 – Venu Vollala

Evaluator 3 – Bob Hudack


Grammarian – Sudh Karmarker

Vote Counter/Joke Master – Tommy Shea

Flag Salute/ Ah Counter – Bobbi Hall

Timer – Deepti Fadnavis

Hot Seats – Smita Pattnaik

Not Available – 

Guidelines for Role Assignments:

1) Members can be evaluators after they delivered their third speech. However, if you would still like to try and haven't delivered your third speech, let the VPE know and it can be arranged. 
2) Everyone will get to speak on average once every 1.5 to 2 months, due to the size of the club. If you like to speak more often, have a speech ready and jump right in when members cancel last minute. 
3) Generally, VPE will assign evaluators to evaluate speeches they have already done for more effective evaluations.
4) New members will start out with smaller roles like Ah Counter, Grammarian, Timer, etc. until they become comfortable. Then they can do bigger roles like evaluator, general evaluator, toastmaster, etc. 
5) To become Toastmaster for the evening, you must first have mastered being a Topicmaster and a General Evaluator. 

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