September 7, 2009 at 11:01 am (Cooking)

Its like the simplest thing to make in the world. Melt butter with choclate ,mix,add sugar,mix, add egg,mix, add flour, mix,grease pan, put in oven for 25 minutes.

Dont put too much egg, for a cup of flour one egg should be more than enough.

Doesnt matter what flour you use.

You can melt choclate over it.

You can add nuts, and you know what else you can add :D


M. Ebrahim Sadeghian F.




I made croutons today. Croutons... come to think of it, the word itself does sound like.. er.. crunchy.. something.. stuff. Anyway, it tasted great, and the whole kitchen was filled with a warm, cozy, bready kind of aroma. I only noticed the smell after going to my room, upon returning to the kitchen. It was very nice. I wish i could hold up an empty bottle and fill it up with the aroma.

Well, they're pretty easy to make:
Bread - can be fresh or stale, doesn't matter much. Oil or butter. Maybe something to add flavor to the croutons, i used lemon peel and garlic. I think neither the peel nor the garlic had any impact on the croutons.

Anyway, just heat up the oil and throw in diced bread cubes. I used both crust and crumb. Fry until golden and crisp. It is at this point that the nice bread aromas are the strongest i think. But by the time you reach there, your olfactory receptors will probably be saturated, you'll have to go somewhere away from the kitchen for a couple minutes and come back to the kitchen - and take a deep breath - to truely notice the aromas. 

And no, I didn't have only croutons for dinner.

Well, they add an interesting layer to salads, and since today's crouton session was such a pleasant surprise.. they will be the primary subjects of experimentation for the moment.


Cheese Cake

September 4, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Cheese can be one of the most wonderful and popular deserts, however the only problems not many people have access to cheap feta cheese like I do, but if you do then this is something you will be making often.

You need :

2packs of feta cheese

1 cup sugar

half a cup flour(optional)

1tsp vanilla


1/2 cup milk(optional)


Put the feta cheese in the food processor or mixer or whatever.

and mix till creamy( like 20 seconds) and keep adding the ingredients in any order you like, one by one and mix as you add,  and then put in whatever pan or dish and bake it for 40 to 50 minutes.


you can add coco powder, add any taste you like, melt choclate as topping, and whatever ingredients you dont have skip and see what happens :D , I always do that and everything turns out great

Ebrahim Sadeghian

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Wanna make pizza?

September 6, 2009 at 6:24 pm


Making pizza is very easy if you know how to make the bread, well I have already put up the recipe for bread. There is only one difference between pizza bread and normal bread and that is you really dont want much rise in your dough. It doesnt matter, but taste is important, so if you let it rise for a long time like 24 hours you get better taste, but 1 -2 hours will do just fine.

After your dough has risen then you punch it down, flatten it , then pinch and pull, my technique is usually pinch then pull towards left or right and keep repeating that, going around the pizza, till you have a good lip, put in the dish that you gonna put in oven, make sure you put semolina seeds under it if you have,

So then comes the sauce, you can either make the sauce yourself or buy it, I use taco sauce and its great, so pour the sauce on your pizza, then toppings is just common sense, first put the onion , then put in any order your topping, Mushroom, olive(get the pitted one), pepper, chop chop chop, put it on.

Don’t put too many different toppings, the main thing is really the bread and the sauce, dont put more than 4 toppings, 3 is optimum for me.

Dont chop too thin, you want to feel the texture, but again if you prefer it other way then go ahead.

ok so toppings are on now, then comes the cheese, mozarella finello is what you will get and shred on top, some people put different cheeses, I tried that and it didnt make any difference, and cheese is expensive, however there are no limits, so put 10 different types of cheese if you want to.

Put it in oven now and bake it in oven like how you bake your bread, I have  a Microwave oven so I put it on conv bake for 22 minutes at 250 degrees celsius.

Try to not attack the pizza once its out, let the cheese to solidify, so you can cut it easily and keep your topping on your bread, I know its hard to wait, just control.

Ideas for toppings:

1.Tomato, Basil and Mozarella

2. Tomato and Garlic

3. Tomato, mozarella and anchovies

well the possibilities are endless really.

Making the sauce yourself will give you further control which is something  I will cover later. Tell me how it goes, tell me about your experiences,

M. Ebrahim Sadeghian F.

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Cup Cakes (fast recipe)

September 4, 2009 at 5:01 pm (Cooking) · Edit

Cup cakes make great dessert, they are very easy to make and they can be very flexible.

1. Mix flour, baking powder and salt.

2. Beat one egg with milk , oil, sugar , flavour,

3.mix 1 and 2 together(dont mix too much), just enough so that you cant see anymore dry flour can make  it in a tray, or just take any cup( they are cup cakes after all), grease the cup, and fill up till  half of the cups

5. bake four 40 to 50 minutes


You can add blueberries, nuts, different flavours like lemon , anything you like and experiment.

Ebrahim Sadeghian



How to make bread

September 4, 2009 at 4:47 pm (Cooking)

Well there are long ways of making bread, due to my laziness I skipped a lot of those steps and every thing turned out fine.

So here is my much shorter recipe.

What you need:

Flour( the higher the protein content the better)



Dry Yeast

oil or olive oil or butter


First mix flour with salt, you can add oat if you like,

take a cup of warm water, add honey,add yeast and mix, then add the mix to flour and mix, until it becomes one big piece dough, if dough is too dry and doesnt stick together add more water, if its too sticky add more flour.You can also add olive oil.

Cover it with a towel or a plastic cover, or something like that and put it somewhere dark and warm.

You can pour boil water in oven, or boil water in microwave in order to create a misty area, and let your bread rise there.

After letting it rise for two hours, punch down the bread, and let it rise for another 10 minutes.( if you dont do this, the bread will become very dense)

then put it an oven or microwave, with 250 degrees temperature for 20 minutes, this really depends on what oven or microwave you have.


if you can get Semolina seeds , if you add on top and under after punching down, it will make the bread taste very nice.

the shape of your bread affects how long you have to bake it, so you have to watch your bread first time you are baking it.

you can shred cheddar on your bread before baking.

Dont be afraid to experience new stuff, but make sure you are watching your bread when experimenting.

This works but if you want really good breads you have to do the kneading, proper punching down, bringing up the yeast, and all that, for that you have to go to other places.This recipe is supposed to be fast and short.

Ebrahim Sadeghian

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PanCake Recipe

September 4, 2009 at 3:42 pm (Cooking)

you need  two eggs, one cup of milk, two cups of flour, baking powder 2-3 teaspoon,salt and sugar, few drops of vanilla and anyother flavour you like

basically pan cake is cake with salt

mix the wet ingredients together(milk, eggs, sugar,vanilla)

mix the dry, flour, salt, baking powder

then add the wet ingredients to the dry mix

mix just enough so that you cant see any white flour anymore, dont mix too much, if you see a lot of big blocks lumped together its ok, if you mix too much then your pan cake wont rise much.

this is really important, preheat your pan for 20-30 minutes, if you dont your pan cake wont get shape, it will become too thin, and you wont be able to flip

you can just pour from the bowl, if you want same size pan cakes,  take 4 or 5 spoons of your mix and put in a cup, then pour, dont make too big pan cakes it will be very hard to flip, very small pan cakes will take very long time, so just do big enough so that you can easily flip,

ok so when you pour the mix( on a very hot pre heated pan) , you will start seeing small bubbles , once you see like 10 bubbles flip, after flip its your judgment to flip it again or take it out, that one will come with experience, dont put too much oil preferably none at all,

also dont put too much sugar, the sweetness of your pan cake should come from your honey or syrup which you will add later, not from the sugar you put in, the perfection will come from your taste and experience.

you can also search online for pan cake recipes as guide

But nothing will replace your own recipe, every cook has his(her) own recipe based on stuff available and taste, so make sure after making pancakes you write your own recipe and add your experiences to your recipe everytime you cook for perfection.

M.Ebrahim Sadeghian F.