Physics of Life


Lie-lying is the desperate measure used by weak people in defence in a highly competitive society.


M. Ebrahim Sadeghian. F


Controlling an economy is like walking on a rope with a stick. Very difficult and delicate.Must be done with patience and full concentration .If one side goes down, lower than equilibrium, then the person walking on the rope,rise that side slowly and bring the other side down slowly,with little push,not with so much energy that the other side will go down so much that the whole thing topples over.For example usage of short term policies in terms of inflation and unemployment.


M. Ebrahim Sadeghian F.


Stability causes cultural and economical growth

A worker ant lives for  6 months, but the queen ant lives for about 25 years. This causes stability in the government of the ants and causes ants to have strong social growth,when they get in a place to have a strong unity and hence a good performance in their tasks. A good organization as the authority is remains for very long period of time.

This applies to human society as well, leader of the country must remain for long periods of time,in order to be growth in the country.The 4 years presidency term system is destructive to a country.


M.Ebrahim Sadeghian F.