How did words and language came about?

Words, they have two critical functions. Words transfer logic. Communicate our information,That is how we have set the data in our brain. The second function of words is that it communicates emotions and its done by the way we say words. How loud, how much we drag the vowels. They communicate emotions.

Interestingly research has shown that letters and their combination are wired to our emotions just as colors are.According to the “Brief tour to consciousness” when a research was carried across the globe. Samples where show a picture of two shapes.

A.shape with sharp Edges.







B.Shape like a cloud




And samples where suggested two words. “kiki” and “boo boo”. They were asked that which picture would they accompany with which word.


Majority(about 90%) suggested that the picture “A” is kiki and the picture “B” is booboo.

Now this research was even carried out in some villages in India where people had no connection to the world. This research showed that letters and words have to do something with our instincts.

For example when letter K comes to a beginning of a word, it will sound violent. For example Kill in English, Kesafat in Persian. By pronouncing the words you can feel the emotion related with the word.

And ponder about why children across the globe call their fathers “dada” or “baba” or something masculine. And use “mama” or “oma” , which are both feminine to address their mothers.Why not call the fathers ,”mama”.

It is very interesting when we humans insult each other sometimes. For example when a guy uses the “F” word on another guy. He doesn’t necessarily mean to purpose a sexual intercourse with that guy. However he expresses a lot of anger through this word. Due to combination “F” and “K”.We are sure that when people use that word they are not talking about the meaning of the word. But they are just expressing emotions. For the clear reason that “F” word is a bad word but some how sexual intercourse is not a bad word. They both have the same meaning.But it is the combination of the letters.

For example in Persian you use the word”Fak” which means lower jaw to express anger. Like you would say”fakketo mishkanam” Which means I break your jaw. Due to the combination of letters in that word,lot of anger is expressed. 

In English appreciation is shown by the word “ThanK you”, in Malaya Language it is” Terima Kasih” and in Persian language it is”TashaKor”. Do you notice a pattern. Another example can be the word “sorry” in English and the word”sumimasen” in Japanese which has the same meaning.

However there are many ways to say thank you or sorry with different word combinations but that is because there are unlimited ways to express the feeling. For example the words sorry and excuse me. You use Excuse me when you show respect for their approval to give you excuse.However you don’t request for excuse when you say sorry. And there is the word Apologize. But we tend use different words in different situations as we have different feelings at different situations.

So it can be seen how letters are wired to our emotion in our brain.

M.Ebrahim Sadeghian. F.