Physics of Life




This is about how we can see life through laws of physics



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Force and resistance in life

Newtons third law shows that for every force there is equal and opposite reaction.In society force is needed when there is friction so that society wont fall.If there is no friction then there is no force needed for keeping the object in equilibrium.


Chapter 2

Mass and Energy

Mass is never destroyed but converted to energy.As human beings grow old,the potential in society increases due to work done by the People. Even when they die , their effect is remains in society as energy.

Chapter 3

Force and pressure

As area decreases pressure increases with the same force.A concentrated force is much more effective then a disperse force.Hence if we concentrate the force in our lives into one thing we can penetrate the wood like the pin

Chapter 4


Even if force is applied but its in the wrong direction ie.90 degrees then there is no work done and nothing accomplished.In life if our efforts are in the wrong direction there is no achievement.

If u run 1000miles per hour in the wrong direction, you will never get to your destiny.

Chapter 5

Power = work done /time

There is pressure when the work done is done in ashort amount of time. If the work done is in a very long time then there is no power.

chapter 6


In order for something to fly,it needs to reach minimum speed. If the plane pulls its nose up before it reaches the minimum speed it will just waste energy by causing the drag and fighting against the drag and it wont lift off. The pilot must have patience and use the fuel the speed up the plane on the ground first and when speed is enough then it should lift off.

chapter 7

Ductility and strength relation ship in materials applied to human life and its communication with society around.

Chapter 8

Light symbolises truth. In order for an electron( human being) to get to a higher state of energy it needs to be excited when light is shone upon it and when electron absorbs light(truth) , it will move to a higher state.

Chapter 9

Dislocation density within people, and recrystillization .When people go through pressure and problems they get dislocations in them. Which increases their strength but makes them brittle and unflexible and not ductile with situations. Annealing and recrystallization.

When materials are work hardened, their yield strength increases and their ductility decreases. When materials are annealed due to process of recovery and recrystillization they restore their ductility and lose yield strength. Therefore they can be reshaped again due to ductility.

Fore g.

If we want to thin a copper wire, if we want to thin it in one stage it will be very hard. In thining we use rolling of the copper. Due to the rolling it will be work hardened and hence it loses its ductility and it will become brittle. So as it has higher strength. It is difficult to deform (thin ) it further. Hence this thinning process is done in few stages. Between every rolling stage, copper is annealed so that it regains its ductility therefore it can go through rolling and be deformed again.

Chapter 10

When human beings come to life they are given a total mechanical energy.At first all of this energy is Kinetic, but as life goes on, this kinetic energy is lost and transformed into experience(Potential Energy) by moving human into a higher state .

Chapter 11

A system where by a lot of energy is lost due to heat and sound is considered to be very inefficient as the out put is going to be much less than input as energy is wasted in making the noise and the heat. This applies to our social life. Someone who makes a lot of noise and moves unrelated to its action, wastes a lot of energy and hence that person is inefficient. Whereby someone who makes no noise is making full use of the input and he will be most efficient and beneficial.

M. Ebrahim Sadeghian F.