Laws of Life


Laws of Life

1. Life is always in equilibrium in terms of place and things shift in time and location they will recieve certain advantages and also some disadvantages which will even it out.For example as time

has passed and science has been more into the picture. New medicine has been invented, industry and management has helped us to produce more at cheaper cost and technology has helped us 

to make it more available. At the same time there has been number of new illnesses created due to industrial life. Certain people's rights are totally ignored due to large systems making it impersonal. and technology has caused the wide spread of certain diseases and epidemics.

Same thing applies to location change. So as time shifts and our location shift, and our status shift , we gain and also loose something. So in total we havent gain or lost anything. which makes worthwhile to ponder upon" why are we here?" 

2.Level of expectation sets the level of disappointment.For example when you are walking in the street and you see a stranger and he or she doesnt say hi to you.You wont be offended. But if that person is a close relative or someone you know well then you will be offended or you will be disappointed in the person. That's because you set your expectations low.

Now if we apply that to our lives we can get through life more easily. For example when I heare some nonesense comments about my country from a chinese guy in my college,first I used to get very upset.But then I realized I have set my expectation too high for this guy. He hasnt been into my country and he has been fed this stuff with media. So its not really his fault. If I have been in the same situation. I would have done the same.