If in any society power becomes a value, and pride a goal,selfishness will become the acceptable tool of one to gain at cost of  others, and when selfishness becomes a culture, there will remain nothing but war and a rotten culture.

M. Ebrahim Sadeghian .F

Is there such thing as incomprehensible?

April 10, 2009 at 12:22 pm (1)

Einstein said the most incomprehensible thing about the world is that its comprehensible. This sentences requires sometime to ponder upon. We human beings have labelled certain things as incomprehensible, under categories such as fate and accidents or incidents.

Just like TTL, we connect data and information together and we go from one server to another in our brain, until the TTL finishes, and we get an error,in internet its error 404, but we call it incomprehensible, since we don’t have the TTL long enough or we don’t have enough data and we don’t have the determination to explore out the data and the relations.

So now thanks to science and technology we have started to analyze many of these things we called accidents, and fate. So now we are starting to understand that many of the things we called incomprehensible are comprehensible now. still there are many things we label as incomprehensible. And now we are not so sure about those labels any more, we don’t know if we can label things as incomprehensible anymore.

Chaos theory  is the opening door for us to all the incomprehensible in life. In mathematics, chaos theory describes the behavior of certain dynamical systems – that is, systems whose states evolve with time – that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions (popularly referred to as the butterfly effect). As a result of this sensitivity, which manifests itself as an exponential growth of perturbations in the initial conditions, the behavior of chaotic systems appears to berandom. This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future dynamics are fully defined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved. This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaosWikipedia..

Chaos theory tells us that things which seems to be random are not really random but actually deterministic. Chaos theory shows us that pretty much everything in this box which we call world is deterministic. But why is it so incomprehensible that everything  is comprehensible. Maybe its because we have satisfied our curiosities with the word incomprehensible,or accident, or random.

But recently we have come to use the word fate, meaning we have come to an understanding  that there is a plan, there is a certain behaviour, which is not predictable by us, but it maybe is  predictable by a higher superior of mind, some call it God, some call it Karma.

Our cultures from the past have passed on to us set of laws known as laws of life, in which they draw a box for us, and give us the inputs and the outputs, but not the function inside the box, and how it gives out that value.For example many cultures believe in the saying that what goes around, comes around, many of us believe that but noun of us asks how we come to that conclusion. Eventhough it was and maybe still is incomprehensible by our intellectual power but there is a patern, this recognition of pattern is a big leap.

Since we are so used to the idea that, no body knows what happens inside that box, when somebody says that we can open that box, we dont understand it, we simply reject the idea.

So Einstein really put it well when he said the most incomprehensible thing about the world is that its comprehensible.



M.Ebrahim Sadeghian F.


Disadvantage of social life

March 6, 2009 at 5:45 pm (1)

It is said that first human beings were living alone in the world, and hunted and farmed, with other farms far from them,then there were some people that  took away other people’s rights by attacking their land and family, so few of these farmers agreed to live together, by placing their houses next to each other and puting one person in charge of protection and prevention of infringment of any body’s rights.

That was probably when human beings started understanding the advantage of society. A bigger system with more specialisation, and division of labour advantages started kicking in and people enjoyed a much better life as a result of the new efficiency due to living in a society.Villages became cities and cities grew larger and efficiency going ever higher.

As societies grew and people lived much closer to each other, their private space started getting smaller and smaller, people spent more and more time in groups and public environments. So people started loosing private space and giving ground to public space.

From the ancient times even in the smallest tribes there has always been some customs, people made customs for themselves so that they can live in harmony together. Today we call those customs law in general and we also have public culture values. So as people stepped in the land of public life they had to adjust themselves to the way acceptable by the public culture and law.

as societies have become bigger, efficiency has increased but management of larger societies has also become more difficult. In order to bring discipline to ever larger societies even more laws or protocols are created.

Nowadays in our world there are so many laws that many people have to spend so much time adjusting and acting, and acting to the point that they forget who they really are. As public living has taught us to judge who ever that doesn’t follow the rules.In other words from young they teach us labeling people once they have undermined any social protocols.

So hence the social protocols for better economical efficiency has become the current cultural values of our societies. For example even if we are experiencing something bad, if somebody asks us “are you ok?” or something like that I am sure the first thing many of us will say is “yes I am fine”. As if we have to say that. We are taught to not express our feelings in order to keep the system working. One has been taught to quite down the voice inside, which is truely one’s identity and create a new identity compatible with the system.

These things are not bad, they do keep the system going and hence giving us a higher standard of living,but the problem is we spend so much time acting that we have forgotten who we really are. We have forgotten that voice inside of us. We are taught to not question our religions and many other social protocols and doing so will be encountered by condemnation.

Hence we never spend time exploring our selves, our feelings, our needs, our intiutions, since the public life has invaded way too much of private area of life. We human beings are social animals we are easily scared by the thought of social disapproval and hence back off and conform.

People need to get out and go to places where there are no societies; in the nature and spend some time there, and start realizing what our own culture is, independent of the societies way of living, and start valuing our thoughts and questions.

If it suffices to find ourselves a day in a week away from the society then great but ultimately we can start placing homes very far from each other and relying more on telecommunications to satisfy our social needs. There are smart home which generate their own energy , the internet connects everyone, shopping can be done online, and all our social conducts can be carried out with internet in the shortest time and delivery systems are good. In addition when we shift to such lifestyle the increase in demand for such services will improve these services.  

I for one have felt the need for such lifestyle, as a result of finding the benefits of hiking and mountaineering and enjoying finding myself, and watching people who are lost in this machine we call society, due to needless laughters and fake smiles, and constant following of social protocols and all of them being depressed, I know many people who have felt the need for much more private life and freedom of practicing their personal cultures, I think the rest of the society will come to this conclusion sooner or later.

I suppose we can let time be  judge of that.


M.Ebrahim Sadeghian F.

What insect would you be?


When a fly sees food ,he sits and enjoys it,a fly is a symbol freedom,he can go where ever he wants ,as he is alone, he gets big fast and has a full life,goes to places,he doesn’t have any weapon so no one really tries to kill it unlike the Bee, whose life is constantly in danger at all time encountered with human as human are aware of the bee’s large weapon. There fore weapon doesn’t improve security but it even invites danger.

Bees are patriotic,they carry large weapons in the name of protection of their society, they loose their lives in the process of protection.So when few of them are seen,even though they dont attack, they will be killed. It also encourages people to go and find the beehive which is the source of these patriotic soldiers who carried weapons around in terms of protection of their society.

Flies also travel alone,they dont get into a pack and invade a place,they live for themselves,not tribe or team,its their individualistic living which keeps them safe.when ants collective living style develops, even though they dont have weapons and they just clear the left overs but they will be slaughter in a massacre,because they will seem invading.

An ant never enjoys life,he is always collecting food and working,who has seen an ant sit and eat,his life is much longer but he is constantly working so he really never enjoys.If I could choose in life in what insect to be,I would choose the free life of a Fly and not a constant working ant who lives for 6months and I wouldnt want the power of the weapon of the bee either.Even though the fly lives for 2 weeks only.

Authgor:M.Ebrahim Sadeghian F.


Equilibrium of life

Life is always in equilibrium in terms of place and things shift in time and location they will receive certain advantages and also some disadvantages which will even it out. For example as time

Has passed and science has been more into the picture. New medicine has been invented, industry and managementhas helped us to produce more at cheaper cost and technology has helped us 

To make it more available. At the same time there has been number of new illnesses created due to industrial life. Certain people’s rights are totally ignored due to large systems making it impersonal. And technology has caused the wide spread of certain diseases and epidemics.

As we get older, we gain a lot of things such as freedom and social status, but we also loose the privileges of being taken care of and having less responsibility. In terms of location, if we shift from a climate to another climate. We will gain and loose many things. In tropical region we could enjoy the scenery of rich vegetation and more or less fixed temperature. However in desert we would instead enjoy having fewer bacteria’s and wounds not getting infected. So it’s always give and take.

Same thing applies to location change. So as time shifts and our location shift, and our status shift, we gain and also loose something. So in total we haven’t gain or lost anything .As Zarathustra once said “there is no good or bad. It is human beings which create good or bad in their minds”. That’s because we are always in one point. We are never having less or more in general. There are always advantages and disadvantages which will even out the world.

which makes worthwhile to ponder upon” why are we here?” and” what are we worrying about?” and “what should we worry about?”
So I think this could give us a better perspective of life and human beings.

Author: M.Ebrahim Sadeghian F.