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Georgia Ballot Challenge

Patriots from across the United States are working to restore Constitutional law related to Article II eligibility requirements trying multiple approaches, without any success, until recently. We actually got a case heard, but the initial ruling went against us. It was a deeply flawed ruling with a good chance of being successfully appealed, so we are. Those who believe we should do nothing except wait until the next election risk undesirable outcomes and would also allow terrible precedents to stand, which would not only facilitate future abuses, but  undermine the foundation of our Constitutional Republic, in addition to letting stand much "Obamanable" legislation, appointments and executive orders.

The eligibility movement is focusing upon state level ballot challenges, since there are many more jurisdictions, quite a few of which are considerably more open and sympathetic to rectifying the gross injustice of an unconstitutionally sitting president.

You can help fund some of the legal activities being pursued. The Swensson/Powell case is one such opportunity, being pursued in Georgia, a jurisdiction with laws, officials and sentiment most receptive to our work as citizens. Funding is needed: would you please consider making a donation today?

A message from Carl Swensson. Conservative Political Activist, Plaintiff for a Georgia Ballot Challenge case, GA County Republican Party Chairman, Co-Founder, American Grand Jury

Do you think, like I do, that nobody in America has a clue as to who this POTUS really is? Do you understand what Article II Section I Clause V of the Constitution means when it says only a natural born Citizen can be President? With extremely few exceptions, everyone I ask for their definition says “uh, born in American, right?”  It’s frustrating, to say the least, but that’s how far we’ve strayed from what the Founders envisioned for this great Nation.  Right now we have an occupant of the White House that very well might meet the masses definition of nbC but all is not what it appears. The reality is this.., not only does a candidate for Pres. have to be born on American soil, but he must also be born to Citizen parents. That’s right, there’s two parts to the equation. With me so far? O.K. so if you do your research and come up with the same conclusion, how is it that BHO is appearing on every State ballot? After all, he’s openly acknowledged that his father was never a U.S. Citizen. Now for the punch line… GA residents, Kevin Powell and Carl Swensson have lodged a challenge with the GA Secretary of State to keep Obama off their State ballot and it will be heard, in open court, on the 26th (next Thursday) in the Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta GA. The Judge in this case is already on record as saying he will rule on BHO’s eligibility and our case, unlike any before, is guaranteed to be heard. We have excellent representation with GA State Rep and Atty Mark Hatfield and have every confidence we will succeed in our quest to remove the usurper from our ballot.  Now for the question to you: What would it mean to you when we do succeed? Would it give you further pause to reflect on that which our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to secure for us? I know it does for me.
So here we are, at a moment in history where the questions of eligibility will be answered and it will happen in this Court of law. No it’s not a trial, it’s an administrative hearing where Obama faces being removed from our ballot but this hearing’s ramifications will be felt across the political spectrum and across the Nation. Finally, eligibility answered based on the merits and not just thrown out based on this or that technicality.
Being a Plaintiff in this case, I am asking for your help to make sure we can pay for the legal expenses of our attorney along with all of the other miscellaneous expenses involved in bringing forth our winning case. Help us by contributing to our Legal Defense Fund today.
I'd like to get back to doing what I really enjoy.


Background on Plaintiff Kevin Richard Powell

My personal sojourn since the 2008 Presidential election has been unique in several respects. As an award winning journalist, it has been about seeking the Truth and not just answers to questions. As an elector in the State of Georgia, I have the right to challenge a candidate to ensure the sanctity of the ballot; even if it is the sitting President, and as an American; for the past three years I have answered the call of the Republic by coming to the aide of the Constitution as the “law of
the land”.

I have researched Presidential eligibility from the official records of the following resources:
The Congressional Record
The Library of Congress
The National Archives
The Georgia Archives
The Georgia Office of the Secretary of State
The Georgia Office of the Attorney General
The Federal Elections Commission

Subsequently, I have obtained OFFICIAL CERTIFIED copies of DOCUMENTS from these organizations including declassified TOP SECRET documents from the U.S. Armed Forces.

On October 24th, 2008 I attended the court case Terry vs. Handel in Fulton County Superior Courtroom #4D and I was amazed at the events that transpired during the course of the trial. However, having previously worked for the global news network CNN, I found it deeply disconcerting that a trial of this historical significance was ignored by the news media.

I was then determined to document the Truth for history, regardless of where it might lead.

In 2010, The Honorable Nathan Deal, U.S. Rep. of Georgia’s 9th District sent a letter to Barack Obama asking where his constituents can go to see authentic documents verifying his eligibility. On February 6th, 2010 I pre-arranged and secured media access with an event organizer to bring television equipment and record an interview with Rep. Deal and thereby document the facts surrounding "the letter" he sent to Barack Obama for history.

Rep. Deal about the letter he sent to Barack Obama:

I think it is a communication that deserves at least his response first of all I think which we have not received, but in essence what I told him is this, is that when I am asked as a Congressman from constituents hard questions, I don’t shy away from hard questions. I try to answer those questions, if I don’t have the information to answer the questions, I have to go to the folks who do have the answers and in this case I think the President is the one who can clear this up. What I have asked him to do is tell me where I can ask my constituents to go to see authentic documentation that he says is authentic to satisfy their curiosity. I think it is a reasonable request. Now I know that some folks are trying to label this as politically incorrect. I want to tell you something, political incorrectness is paralyzing our society. These kinds of things deserve straight forward responses and I think this ought to be put to rest. I’m not questioning his legitimacy to serve as President, I would think he would like to clear that up in as unequivocal fashion as possible, and that’s simply all I’ve asked him to do.”

On March 7th, 2011, I produced a television interview with The Honorable Sean Jerguson, Georgia Rep. District 22, Georgia General Assembly discussing House Bill HB401
“Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act.”

On November 28th at 11:59 pm I filed a ballot challenge as a Formal Complaint with the Office of the Secretary of State of Georgia. It was the only Georgia ballot challenge limited To Barack Obama’s ineligibility based on non-compliance with the U.S. Constitutional requirement of “natural-born Citizen” in Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5.

Immediately after filing my Formal Complaint with the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State, I contacted attorney J. Mark Hatfield of Hatfield & Hatfield, P.C. of Waycross, GA and he agreed to represent me in my ballot challenge against the President.

The case Kevin Richard Powell v. Barack Obama and the other Georgia ballot challenge cases are different from all of the other previous cases in that the judge DENIED Obama’s Motion to Dismiss. Therefore, this case can not be compared to any of the previous cases because it will be heard on the merits in open court. The FACTS with regard to Barack Obama’s “natural-born Citizen” status, non-compliance with Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution and his ineligibility to be on the ballot in the State of Georgia for the Office of the President of the United States will be heard before Judge Michael Malihi.

Updates on the case Kevin Richard Powell v. Barack Obama can be found at: http://www.art2superpac.com/georgiaballot.html


Article II Legal Defense Fund is to support legal action to help reinstate a Constitutional Presidency, per Article II, Section 1.  These actions may include civil or criminal complaints, lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions, including, but not limited to: direct eligibility challenges, ballot challenges, indirect suits against third parties, which would seek to clarify eligibility, or inhibit parties from supporting actions that benefit ineligible candidates and/or officials.

We will seek to develop a library of materials to be used in multiple cases, including objectives, strategy, procedures, evidence, We will also selectively assist promising parties/cases with tailored case strategy, text, exhibits.

Please make your check made payable to Article II Legal Defense Fund and mail to:

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Article II Legal Defense Fund
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Disclaimer: Article II Super PAC (www.Art2SuperPAC.com) and Article II Legal Defense Fund (www.Article2LegalDefenseFund.com) are two separate legal entities with separate missions, separate banking accounts and separate mailing addresses. Neither entity assumes any legal liability for any litigation or consequences thereof, as we are not a Party to such actions.