My path

biographical notes



I started my path as a massage practitioner in 1989. I took a year off from my university studies in Botony to study Transformational Bodywork. I needed something more than what I could see under a microscope. Eventually, I received a university degree in Religious Studies. I replaced the microscope with meditation and reflection. I also was in the the arts for many years mainly focused on improvisational dance and movement therapy. The body moving as a more authentic way of expression. 

The holistic health field is not the only work experience I have. I owned a trucking company, sold and fixed bicycles, guided river rafts down the rapids to include a few of the hats I have worn.

Holistic health became a passion and a necessity to work on my own healing. It was clear medical doctors, for all their success, did not aptly work with the discontent spiritually and the chronic pain I was feeling in my body.Touch and movement does connect me with healing and still evolves for me today.

I practice in San Francisco, New York and now mostly in Lyon, France and the greater Geneva area of Switzerland. I was the director of a massage school in San Francisco before I left to live in France.

My massage and bodywork is  based in an eclectic study from a many different guides and inspiring bodyworkers. Also, I have learned the most important skills from the wonderful people who trust in their own bodies and lay on my table to seek deeper connection through touch.  Education gives direction to my step but learning arrives from practicing.

I moved to France and married a French woman whom I met in San Francisco while dancing together. We now  are being guided further by our 4 year old daughter, Lea.