Klik & Play

Timeframe: 1997 - 2005

Klik & Play is a computer game creator developed by Maxis and Europress Software in 1994. I started making small games using this software in 1997. Such games included a James Bond series, a set of Star Wars games, and an original game called Bunny Quest.

Completed Games:
 James Bond 007 (1997)
  • Basic platformer
  • Heavily uses stock Kilk & Play assets
 James Bond 007 II (1997)
  • Added enemies
 Star Wars: Starfighter Battles Part One (1998)
  • Top-down arcade style
  • Follows the Battle of Yavin
 James Bond 007 III (1998)
  • Multi-part game
  • First person shooter mode
  • Body armor, grenades, mines
  • Enemies that actually shoot back!
 Star Wars: Starfighter Battles Part Two (2000)
  • Side view Snowspeeder level
  • Based on the Battle of Hoth
  • Animating the AT-AT using MS Paint was fun!
 Star Wars: Starfighter Battles Part Three (2002)
  • Top view space flight shooter
  • Improved AI, seeking missiles
  • Death Star II surface run
  • Inside the Death Star obstacle level
 Unnamed Star Trek Game (2002) [No images] 
 Bunny Quest (2005)
  • Written in under a week for the Conant High School 2005 Bunny Eggstravaganza where various student groups ran activities to entertain children ages 5-10
  • As president of the Electronics Club, I organized club members to play Super Smash Brothers Melee with the children in addition to this game
  • Basic platformer
  • Collect eggs, avoid the hunter
  • Has a final 'Star Fox' level for some crazy reason
  • My personal favorite from the Kilk & Play era since it was created for an audience other than myself as well as some of the children really getting into the game

Incomplete Games:
Bunny Quest II: Search for the Crystal Egg (2006) [No images]
Star Wars: Starfighter Battles II (2006)
  • Intended to have side-scrolling Jedi / shooting action
  • Revamped starfighter combat
  • Some art assets were reused for Fleet Commander (2009)