CS 488 - Computer Graphics I

Semester taken: Fall 2009
Instructor: Dr. John Bell

Homework 4 - Scientific Visualization

This program uses a dataset containing information on 400 buildings located in the downtown district of Chicago, IL. The data was generated from theĀ Emporis database. The remaining information contained in the dataset was indiviudually copied from the internal links found on the previous mentioned link. This was a time consuming and tedious process but necessary to get a useful dataset.

The application was created with C++, freeglut, and OPENGL.

This visualization takes this data and allows the user to make several analysis of the dataset. This includes but not limited to:

  • The increasing rate of building development after the 1960s
  • The location of Chicago hotels focused on the Chicago River and Michigan Avenue
  • Concentration of office buildings in the Loop and residential buildings to the north of the river
  • Rise of residential skyscrapers on Roosevelt road in the 2000s
  • Oldest buildings in the city are clustered around the center of the map

There are four data representations this program displays:

1) Building Usage
  • Green - Residential
  • Blue - Office
  • Red - Hotel
  • Grey - Other

2) Building Age
  • Blue/Lighter - Newer
  • Red/Darker - Older

3) Building Status (As of 2009)
  • Green - Completed
  • Cyan - Under Construction
  • Blue - Planned
  • Yellow - Never Built

4) Buildings Across Time
  • The user can toggle the current year to see all buildings that were constructed at that time.
  • Image below is the year 1970.