Timeframe: February 2009 - May 2009

Zooball is a dynamic, high speed, fast action table top version of the classic foosball game featuring the
favorite mascots of LSU Tigers verses the UIC Dragons.

This is a table top, video game for multi-player strategies. It is created for the TacTile multi-touch
 interface with an unearthly 360 degrees of play, this freeing us from the force of gravity. Hand gestures
 across the sensitive screen command the action liberating the gamer from the conventions of controllers
 and other peripheral plastic hardware.

Developed by Infinite State Entertainment for the UIC/LSU Video Game Design Class:

Andy Bursavich
Senior Game Developer / Web Developer
Louisiana State University -  Computer Science (BS)

Arthur Nishimoto
Senior Game Developer / Concept Artist
University of Illinois at Chicago - Computer Science (BS)

Joan Long - Graphic Artist / Web Developer
Louisiana State University - Master of Landscape Architecture

Michael Slanovits - Game Developer / Sound Designer
University of Illinois at Chicago - Learning Sciences (PhD)

Created using Processing.


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About TacTile

Zooball Gameplay

For a more in-depth look at the development process check out my Zooball Production Journal.