Spaced Out

Timeframe: 10/26/11 - 11/30/11

NeuroSky Mindwave

AD 456 Fall 2011 Final Project
By Steve Conner and Arthur Nishimoto

Photo by Lance Long, EVL

What would your mind look like as a solar system? Spaced Out uses a NeuroSky Mindwave and Unity3d to create a model of the Solar System affected by attention, meditation, alpha, delta, and theta brain waves.

Uses four 46" passive stereo displays, a NeuroSky MindWave brain-computer interface, Wii remote and five Vicon tracking cameras for head tracking (pictured above).

The MindWave headset sends
electroencephalography (EEG)
or brain wave data to our application which interprets the data into the following star system metaphors:

Increased attention causes solar flares, increased meditation slows down time, alpha waves control the size of Saturn's rings, delta waves set the cloud density of Venus, and theta wave spikes create comets.

Taking off the MindWave headset will cause the star to supernova and forms a gas cloud until the headset is worn again, in which case a new Solar System will form.

The passive stereo glasses have retro-reflective markers used to track the user's head position and draws the view based on that position.

The Wii remote buttons are used to zoom and rotate around the scene.

The background nebula is not affected by the brain waves and is just a runtime generated particle effect. This was added as a background effect as well as reducing the high contrast ghosting when viewed in stereoscopic mode.

Planet textures from:
James Hastings-Trew's Planet Texture Map Collection
NASA Visible Earth (