"What a find!

We went through 3 guitar teachers before we found Arthur and he is definitely the best! My two sons have been taking guitar and piano lessons from Arthur for 1-2 years and he has managed to keep them interested and learning at the same time.

It's rare to find a musician who works so well with kids and is such a great teacher too. He's not just one of those musicians who teach on the side. I completely agree with the other reviewer who notes how he does such a masterful job challenging his students without frustrating them. I have seen my kids make steady progress as musicians. Can't recommend him highly enough."

~ yelp review - joseph k.

"Arthur is an incredible piano teacher. My 10 year old is having a blast! Loves practicing and looks forward to his lessons!"

~ yelp review - scoop w.

"I took guitar and piano lessons with Arthur for 1-2 years back when he was teaching in Los Angeles. When I started, I was a total beginner. By the time I stopped taking lessons, I was able to play some cool stuff/knew a little music theory/etc.

Anyway, Arthur is a great teacher. It's tough to get at what exactly that means, but I'll throw some things out there. He strikes a good balance between pushing you and keeping you from getting frustrated. He helps you build up to your own goals, whatever they might be. He's about as chill and down to earth as a guy can be, probably one of the nicest people that I've ever met.

The lessons were so valuable to me that, being a car-less student in Los Angeles, I actually used to either bike the 6 miles through LA traffic or take 2 buses (~1 hour transit time) to his apartment for lessons. Totally worth it though."

~ yelp review - matt n.

"Arthur started teaching my 9-year-old-son guitar in July. He is now teaching my husband and daughter to play as well. All three look forward to their lesson eagerly each week. Arthur is equally skilled in teaching all of them, despite age range and a lefty! We cannot recommend him highly enough"

~ Courtney Adams

"I'd been wanting to learn piano (after playing flute as a child) for a long time, and finally gave it a try when a friend told me about Arthur. It's been fun learning at my own (slow!) adult pace and I appreciate that Arthur chooses classical pieces that appeal to my listening sensibilities, and mixes some music theory into my lessons. Plus, it's fun having a teacher who is a cool musician and actively composing and performing. I think that keeps things fresh for everyone."

~ Joyce Ng

"Soft spoken and with a pleasant smile Arthur Lee greets his student for the piano lesson. He listens carefully as he is told about something that took place that day or about an exciting event that will be coming up soon. Then with great skill, a child’s energy and enthusiasm are redirected to the piano and the lesson of the day.

New lessons are carefully and patiently explained and performances of last week’s assignment are rewarded verbally, with positive comments written on the piece, or stickers are attached if the performance was excellent.

I have observed my six-year old grandson advance from reluctance to having piano lessons to practicing on occasion without being asked to do so. I truly believe Arthur Lee has all the qualities necessary for being an outstanding music teacher."

~ Ida Mae Windham

"I have had Arthur as my piano teacher for a while and he has been absolutely wonderful! I used to take piano lessons when I was younger, though I had to stop when my teacher left to pursue a different career. I never got around to taking more lessons and have always had a love for the piano, but never knew where to look. Arthur has been great in rejuvenating my passion for all things musical and teaching me so many things along with it. From classical songs and music theory, to working with me on the songs I request and having me improvise, every lesson holds something new and enjoyable. Whether you are an experienced piano player, at an intermediate level, or just beginning, Arthur will be able to help you follow and further your interest in music. It's been a joy to work with him and I hope you'll get the chance to know him as well as I do now too!"

~ Kalani K.

"Arthur is a great teacher. He has a lot of patience because a lot of kids might fool around (like I sometimes do) but he really knows how to teach you. With Arthur you start with the basics and work it up. If you make a mistake a lot of teachers say “no, it's like this”, but Arthur says, “try it again”."

~ Noah (8 years old)

"I highly recommend Arthur as a music teacher. In addition to being a musician he is also a gifted teacher. My 8 year old , who loves music, was losing interest in lessons and in playing the piano for his own enjoyment before Arthur became his teacher over a year ago. Arthur is not a one size fits all teacher. He has the ability to tailor his teaching to the individual student. Today my son loves learning music, enjoys playing, and looks forward to his lessons. And for that, I give a great deal of credit to Arthur."

~ Marla ( Noah's mom)

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