The Arthurian Archive

"It is astonishing what foolish things one can temporarily believe if one thinks too long alone...."
-- J. M. Keynes, The General Theory

I've been writing my economics book for thirty years. It would start out great, but fizzle into "talk of many things." I'd re-work those few pages again and again until the words no longer held meaning for me, and then just set the project aside. Some time later I'd come up with a great new opening and the process would start over. But I could never get past Chapter One. It became a sort of standing joke between my sons.

Some of those efforts are listed on this page. There may be some benefit in approaching these files not as a bunch of Chapter Ones but as the evolution of Arthurian Economics. The files listed here pretty much all tell the same story: The policy-driven decline of the quantity of money in circulation; the policy-driven growth of the use of credit; and the problems created by the shift in the money/credit mix. The files are listed by date, as best I can establish the dates.

I resisted for years the Internet. Back in the early '90s my son ran a "bulletin-board" BBS. I learned then that if I gave it a minute it would take all the time I had left in the world. So as BBS technology gave way to the Internet, I unplugged. (My One-Page Guide is from the BBS era. The rest came after.)

Now I find the Internet-format a perfect medium. It wants what I write: It wants many short pages, not a 900-page brick. I can review a page in my browser, edit the markup in Windows Notepad on the other screen, and check the latest revisions in the browser again. Doin' it right now.