What is the new Arthurian economics?

It is a website.
It is a 12-page PDF.
And it is a school of economic thought. 
My son Jerry described this in an email:

> Using credit increases the money supply and causes inflation, to the
> same extent that printing money does. But it also carries with it
> interest costs, which act as a sort of slowly accumulating toxin that
> will eventually kill the economy when it builds up to some critical
> level. The toxin could be removed, but nobody ever does it
> just continues to accumulate. This is the main problem, but - for some
> reason - economists and policymakers either don't realize this or
> don't act on it.
> So I wonder what that reason is.
> I do really like the debt-per-dollar graph, though ( ).
> Really worth a thousand words, as they say. And it's just FDR's "reign" -- amazing.