Arthroscopy clinic in Madrid Spain

Doctor Enrique Galindo Andujar  - IMTRA Incoma
Tel: (0034)

Whatsapp: 695921640

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. It allows us to inspect, diagnose and treat any damage to a joint. The advantages over traditional open surgery are that the joint does not have to be fully opened up and this means:

·        Faster functional recovery of the joint;

·        Less postoperative pain;

·        Reduced hospital stay;

·        Faster recovery and return to normal social and professional life.

Arthroscopy involves going into a joint with an arthroscope (a narrow tube containing lens and fibre-optics) and keeping a specific setup in the operating room. The arthrocope is connected to a light source and a high-definition video camera. The image from within the joint is transmitted to a video monitor. We do the surgery through small incisions (3-5mm) guided by the screen images.

Arthroscopy allows surgeons to repair some types of joint damage including:

·        Knee (meniscus injury, cruciate ligament injury, chondral defects, etc.)

·        Shoulder (instability, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, impingement, etc.)

·        Wrist (ligament damage, fracture, intra-articular loose bodies – fragments of cartilage, etc.)

·        Ankle (chondral defects, intra-articular loose bodies, osteophytes, impingement, etc.)

·        Hip (femoral-acetabular impingement, labral tear, intra-articular loose bodies, etc.)

·        Trapeziometacarpal  joint (Rhisarthrosis)

Doctor Enrique Galindo Andujar  - IMTRA Incoma
Tel: (0034)
Address: Calle Explanada 16, 28040 Madrid Spain  
Clinic in Madrid in the Moncloa Aravaca area.
Metro stations Guzman el Bueno Rios Rosas Tetuan Cuatro Caminos. 
Traumatology, orthopedic surgery and arthroscopy specialist with clinic in Madrid Spain. Surgeon specialised in shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot surgery.

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Traumatology (pathology of the hip , knee, shoulder , ankle, foot and wrist) - Contribution of growth factors in platelet-derived pathologies. Rehabilitation from Traumatology - Physiotherapy  -  Conventional Radiology - Open Magnetic Resonance - Hyperbaric Chamber - Arthroscopy - Orthopedic Surgery - Dental Surgery - Psychologist Consultations  - Anti-aging treatments - Stem cells - Advanced Rehabilitation.

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