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An international artist group helping D R Congo's rangers protect endangered mountain gorillas through the sale of their art


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A portion of the proceeds from all sales goes to WildlifeDirect Gorilla Protection ! 

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Ann Ranlett (drawdog5)

Anna Vanover (thegatesoffairyland)


Belinda Hall (bellsakabin)


Bethany A. Caskey (cirrusnimbus)


Brenda Young (breezeb)


Christine Taylor (mousewords)


Clifford VanMeter (filedh)


Daniel Taylor (art-for-africa)

Darlene Howell (darla1115)


Gemma Gylling (gemmagy)

Gwen LeBlanc (Veruka_Dolls)


Imelda Hinojosa (packratmel)


Janelle Dixon (acrylicartistrabbits)

Kathy Clemente (kmcoriginals)

Kristin Bruce (fabfrisk)


Lee Mitchelson (artfulgifter)


Leslie "'Chisaii" Evans (chisaiistudio)  


Mark Hudson (mazoommzee)


Martin Aveling (maveling)

Melinda Dalke (melindadalke)


Melinda Taylor (mousewords)

Michelle Young, BA, CH (myoung-studios)

Patty A. Baker (pattyabaker)

Robin J. Andreae (artbyrjandreae)


Sal Blackstock (salblackstock)


Sally Pointer (mousewords)

Sandra Engebose ( katatopeth)

Sandy Byers (biscuitgravy)


Sandy Turmail (sandy_t)

Shelley Lampman (hissnhowl)


Skye Ryan-Evans (rusticmooncrafts)


Stacy J-M Taylor (StacyJMT)


Susan Porch (mousewords)

Tessa Edwards (mazoommzee)

W. DeWitt (Golders)


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This is a photo of Ndeze being fed by one of  D R Congo's rangers. She was found being cared for by her brother after her mother, Safari was murdered. With our art we hope to help those who protect and care for the less than 700 mountain gorillas left in the world. Please join us by spreading the word or donating to WildlifeDirect or by bidding on our art.

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Dr. Richard Leakey, the world acclaimed paleo-anthropologist and conservationist, introduces the concept of Dr. Leakey has spent a lifetime focusing the world's attention on the extraordinary wildlife in his homeland of Kenya. In this introductory video he tells viewers how they can become an integral part of the "African Wildlife Community." Through direct donations, WildlifeDirect makes it possible for individuals to make small contributions that can really make a difference. Watch the video and share it with 20 friends. Make a donation. Start a blog. Come join us at