SuperCollider interaction plugin for gedit.


This page is obsolete and left here for historical purposes! Sced is now maintained in the SuperCollider source tree, so you may get it from the SVN repository and the tarball releases. The Debian/Ubuntu package for Sced is also built from SuperCollider sources. If you have been using the Ubuntu packages, Sced will (should) automatically be upgraded without any problems. Cheers, --Artem.


This page is about Sced, a SuperCollider interaction plugin for gedit. Sced aims to simplify SuperCollider experience on Linux systems as far as possible.


If  you're running a Debian or an Ubuntu system, then you can get the package here. Otherwise, use the following steps:

1. Get the Sced-0.4 tarball and unpack it.

2. Put the "supercollider.lang" file in any of these folders:

  • /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs
  • $HOME/.gnome2/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs

3.  Put the "supercollider.xml" file in any of these folders:

  • /usr/share/mime/packages
  • $HOME/.local/share/mime/packages 

4. Run update-mime-database with the appropriate folder, i.e.:
    $ update-mime-database $HOME/.local/share/mime

5. Place BOTH "sced.gedit-plugin" file and "sced" folder into either of these folders:

  • /usr/lib/gedit-2/plugins
  • $HOME/.gnome2/gedit/plugins

6.  Activate Sced from the gedit preferences dialog. Make sure to click "Configure plugin" and select a proper runtime folder (also create a folder, named "synthdefs" inside the runtime folder).

Steps 2 to 4 are only required if you want syntax highlighting. Also, be aware that if you start your code with comments (both // and /**/), gedit might think that it's C code (due to a magic pattern in the shared-mime-info package).


The menu items describe themselves. You're going to use the Ctrl+E shortcut a lot. By default, this command evaluates the current line of code. If you select several lines, hitting Ctrl+E will evaluate them all.

You can also select and run a ()-block. Just place the cursor on the opening bracket and press Ctrl+E, i. e.:

( // press Ctrl+E here



  • Extend the bottom panel and make it show running servers, server status, etc;
  • Make interaction work through a "real" SuperCollider library binding (so that "recompile class library" feature becomes possible);
  • Fix supercollider.xml mimetype file, so that applications don't confuse SuperCollider with C;
  • Make it browse the new HTML helpfiles;
  • Gedit autostart in SuperCollider mode (by request from Eduardo Melendez);
  • Add GtkSourceCompletion support.