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Charles Kunkle Jr. (aka fraterchaos and A. Random Chaos) is a digital artist, woodworker, amateur blacksmith, writer of bad poetry and worse science fiction, avid reader of anything to do with science, and semi-practicing occultist.

He currently lives in South-western Pennsylvania.

The tools of his art include Apophysis Fractal Generation Program, Incendia EX Animated Fractal Program, Mandelbulb 3D Fractal Program, Photoshop CS3, Animation Shop 3, Bryce 6 and Daz Studio 3&4, and others.

On this site you will
galleries of many of his better pieces of Artwork, arranged by the programs which are used to generate them.

Feel free to browse the Galleries or to see even more art, visit his page on DeviantArt at
where you can see all of his art, including those pieces he feels are not good enough to place here.

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