Art for Health Care Reform

 Artwork about the Health Care Reform debate.

(above) "No Health Care for Illegal Immigrants" by Patricia Dahlman

 "The Sick Child" by Donna Coleman

 "Heritage Test" by Lynne Allen 

 "Only in America" by Aileen Bassis

 "Blood Bowl" by Lisa G. Westheimer

"The Only Cure..." by Ilse Schreiber Noll

"She Has No Health Insurance" by Patricia Dahlman

"Peasants for Plutocracy" by Michael Dal Cerro

"What's A Mother To Do?" by Anne Q. McKeown

"Single Payer Lifesavers" by RVLTN

"To Your Health" by Deborah Harris

"I Support Single Payer Health Care And I Vote" by Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

"Health Care Reform Now" by Arezoo Moseni and Steve Cox

"Creating Healthcare Chaos" by Julia Gandrud