Discharge chapbooks 2



 Minima-B:  by C.J. Duffy.
Eternals: a short story by C.J.Duffy with images by Junior.
The Wilful Walks of C.J. Duffy: by C.J. Duffy
Part Two
Walking on the wistful side of life with a twist of whimsy and a slice of wry

C.J. Duffy has been published in several Avant Garde magazines but is unsure why as he is about as Avant Garde as a turnip.

C.J. Duffy is the author of the forthcoming series of Fekenham Swarberry Tales.

The Madness of Humble House: a short story by C.J. Duffy with images by David Vigor
Dedicated to Doriandra Smith – Forever The Crow Queen
This is the second Chapbook, Edited by Doriandra. It has no name, only the contents which shriek loudly enough. Contributors, unwilling or not, include- Cocaine Jesus; Doriandra; Ruela Pinho; Lazare; Murmurists; DB Rood; DB; Jase; Robert Chrysler; Inconsequential; CHM; Undress Beton; I Am Not Kek-w; Tic Tac; Dodo Spiessert; Junior; Elliot Wisdom; Carmen Racovitza; Cachorro Rabugento Morto Em Noite Chuvosa; Aaron Held.