Art for 1000 Wells

This holiday shopping season, buy once...give twice.

Participating Artists and Artisans:

Angela Taylor (passionfourpainting)

Annamarie Armstrong(art_by_annamarie)

Anni M. Imburgia (painted-gardens)

Barri Martens (316barri)

Christine Taylor (mousewords)

Della Burgus (dellaburg)

Ellen Sereda (art_sereda)

Georgina Bedwell (cheerfulart4u)

John Murphy (h1a3p)

Kate Falconer (katefalconerart)

Leola Walker (southshoreartist)

Melanie Pruitt (thecreatorspalette)

Rebecca Grantham(rebeccagrantham)

Skylar Mccready (galleryofcolor)

Stacy J-M Taylor (stacyjmt)

Summer Devaki (galleryofcolor)

Tessa Edwards (mazoommzee)

W.DeWitt (golders)

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Saturday, November 24 through Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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Auction Information

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1000 Wells Project

Unable to attend? Please consider making a donation directly to the Thousand Wells Project. Just one dollar provides one year of clean water for one African. One dollar can save a life.

Art for 1000 Wells Home

Basic Information and FAQ's

~~Art for 1000 Wells is a 10-day eBay auction that begins on Saturday, November 24th, and ends the night of Tuesday, December 4th.

~~Artists and artisans from across the world are participating, each with their own unique creations--which may include artwork, photography, crafts, textiles, handmade boutique clothing and dolls, even recipes and music. Any original creation is welcome. Each participant will list their items as they normally do.Experienced eBayers will be on hand in the Art for 1000 Wells eBay group, to lend help and support whenever it’s needed.

~~Each participant will use the keyword search term “TWBW” (Thousand Wells Blood Water) in their listing titles. An eBay search for this term will bring up all the participating listings.

~~The charity that will benefit is Blood:Water Mission. Through their 1000 Wells Project, the goal of BWM is to build 1000 wells for clean water in 1000 African communities.At the same time, BWM is working in partnership with community members and larger organizations that are dedicated to the empowerment of communities.By providing clean water solutions and education, BWM is working to fight the spread of the AIDS virus.

~~ "Water is life." ~ (Tessa Edwards) In Africa, clean water means healthier communities. Healthy children are able to attend school and build their futures. Abundant water sources ease the burden on women, who otherwise would spend hours every day walking long distances for water.Instead, they are investing time in their families and communities.

~~BWM is a nonprofit charity registered with eBay's Giving Works program, through MissionFish. Sellers based in the U.S. may create an account with MissionFish.  This process is free, and may be done from the Sell Your Item form when preparing the auction listing. Next, it's an easy step to select Blood:Water Mission from the list of available nonprofits, and decide upon the percentage to be donated.

~~Each individual makes the decision about the amount they wish to donate from their auctions. Any percentage, from 10% to 100%, is welcome.MissionFish's only requirement is that the final donation total no less than $5.00.

~~Once the auction sells, MissionFish will send an email to the participant detailing the donation amount.When the participant has received payment for their item, they may make their donation directly to MissionFish via credit card or Paypal.Or, MissionFish can automatically deduct the donation amount from the participant's credit card about two weeks after the auction ends.

~~In the event a refund may become necessary, MissionFish will hold the donation for at least one month before delivering it to the charity.

~~MissionFish provides Sellers with a tax receipt (proof of a donation) for each donation made from an eBay Giving Works listing. These receipts may be accessed from the Seller's My MissionFish account.


I selected “Holiday Shopping” as the theme of the auction, to enable each artist and artisan to freely interpret the cause as they like, and to encourage a range of items.But if you were to ask me what symbolizes this mission for me, I would answer without hesitation—water and children.The beauty and life-giving quality of water; and the smiling, happy face of a healthy child.These images are an inspiration to my own art, and even my life.

~~Christine Taylor