Info For Artists

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  • Application
  • FAQs
  • Send me your snail mail address and I'll send you some postcards/flyers - Getting the word out is everything! 
  • Pay for your Booth Fee  Booth fees to pay for marketing and upkeep of the building.   There is no real deadline to enter.  You can show up on the day of and for $30 you can have a booth as long as we have room.  And trust me, we will make room.
Pay your booth rental directly to ArtsTech.  Contact Paula Davis at or 816. 461-0201

Art Flea will return for only the last Saturday before Christmas.
We are looking for artists and a few food vendors.  Items must be family friendly, priced at $50 or below and artistic.  We have allowed a few antique and nonartist vendors at the Flea but we will limit the number of nonart vendors as our mission is to serve creative entrepreneurs. Call us if your not sure if your items will fit.