The Peacemaker and Goddesses

Under the Roots of the White Pine: $10
This book contains the thirteen tenets of the Peacemaker's message combined with thirteen Pilgrimage Messages arranged in the order of the Cycles of Truth along with instructions for setting up a study circle.

The Peacemaker is an eleventh-twelfth century historical figure who ended constant warfare between the nations of the Haudenosaunee and united them into a confederacy of nations, commonly called the Iroquois Confederacy.  Under the guidance of this spiritual leader they buried implements of war under the roots of the White Pine, the tree of peace. His words contain wisdom much needed in today's world. 

Second Tenet of the Peacemaker's Message
"Co-create a way to live that envisions a form of rational justice for all with programs for healthy growth to make whole everyone's body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Corresponding Pilgrimage Message:
"HONOR - Respect all you encounter with your body, heart, mind, and spirit.  Your focus and presence allows an exchange of energy that enlarges exponentially benefiting all.  Do not dismiss what you do not understand or can't fully comprehend.

A recent Peacemaker Talking Circle of five men and eight women just completed the material on May 14, 2018.  They started their study together in January 2017, a time of rapid change in the United States and the world.  The people in the circle included conservatives, an Iranian immigrant, those who had spent a lifetime working for peace and social justice, college professors and adults wanting to learn about the Peacemaker---all seeking a better understanding of a new  (ancient) model toward peace in a time of extreme division and conflict.  Early sessions were sometimes hard as feelings were raw after a contentious election.  The results exceeded expectations.  Ending the circle was hard.  There are already six new people signed up for a new circle and another congregation is considering offering it.  

"Coming here each month was like a day at a spa." --Barbara Chepaitis

"Let's plan a reunion." --Evelyn

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Under the Roots of the White Pine: 
Following in the Footsteps of the Peacemaker  
by Melinda Morris Perrin

Goddess Gatherings :
Thirteen sessions for a year of experiential learning in a circle of friends
 by Melinda Morris Perrin

Goddess Gatherings: $10
Explore the goddess prototypes in an experiential circle of friends using a shared leadership model. Originally written for WomanSpirit 2011- Women & Religion, Central Midwest District, UUA,  this material has been offered at UUA General Assembly Continental W & R, various regional W & Rs, and in congregational adult educational programs across the US.

This book provides instructions on ritual which opens and closes each session, on formatting experiential lessons around the wisdom embodied in each goddess, and a rich bibliography.  It also contains original poetry for each goddess.  

    "Sophia am I
     Wisdom, arts, and learning
     Are My gifts to you
     All the sciences,
     Philosophy too.
     I am Sophia,
     the voice inside your head
     Inspiring, guiding, teaching
     So you are properly led."

Each Goddess does her own research and journals to experience what what it feels like to walk the path she has chosen and then on her month she teaches from that Goddess's point of view making the material as interactive as her imagination and creativity allow.  Suggestions for experiential exercises are given as examples or to use.

In one gathering group, we discovered that not everyone woman liked the Goddess who chose her at first.  Some were hoping for another, others had an aversion.  (Interestingly enough several wanted Kali-ma the great destroyer!)  One thought that Mary was insipid--until she owned her.  Another, a large woman struggling to own her body image hated the name of White Buffalo Calf Woman.  By the time each was to teach, she was rocking it!