An easy to use, extensible and cool framework to generate PDF with Pharo.

Authors: Olivier Auverlot and Guillaume Larcheveque (aka the pasta team)
Thanks to contributors !

Artefact is a framework to generate PDF documents. It is fully written in Smalltalk and doesn't require any native library. Artefact is light, plateform independant and offer to users a high level of abstraction in order to easily creating PDF documents.

  • Completely written in Smalltalk (and only Smalltalk),
  • Complete freedom about the order of creation for pages, elements, etc. (no need to follow the document order),
  • Multi format and orientation for pages,
  • Page composition based on reusables PDF elements,
  • Extensibility by offering a composition standard to create your own high level elements,
  • Stylesheets that can be reused in many documents and avoid wasting time and place with duplication,
  • Image support with JPEG and PNG formats,
  • Pre-defined high level elements like datagrid,
  • Supports transparency,
  • Supports PDF compression to produce compact files.