Art and Environment (ArtEco) Workshop

Why You Should Join 

The Art and Environment (ArtEco) Workshop pursues an interdisciplinary understanding of the role creative arts play in advancing dialogue on the stewardship of natural resources and the environment. Increasingly, the arts are appearing at the forefront of environmental outreach by engaging citizens in a moving, personal way with environmental issues. Creative arts are a common language accessible to people across different cultures and professions. Recent studies on art’s role in environmental outreach show that the arts can engage new audiences, make research more accessible, and can strongly influence public perspectives. The Art and Environment Group will meets on a bi-weekly basis to explore art as an outreach tool, discuss environmental art’s ability to bridge cultures and professional disciplines, and examine the role of arts in sparking conservation-minded dialogue. We do this by hosting environmental art workshops, participating in creative projects, presenting on our work and/or research on the topic, and hosting guest speakers. 

Who can join? 

Anyone is welcome to join! Most of our members are UM students, but fields include dance, architecture, landscape architecture, ecology, and chemistry, as well as visual arts. Friends, family, and community members are also welcome at ArtEco events. 

What sort of activities do we do?

ArtEco hosts events related to many different creative pursuits. Previous events have included sketching outings to the Arb and Natural History Museum, writing workshops, video screenings, art presentations, interactive exhibets, skill building events, and hosting a grade school art competition. For more info check out our Past Events.