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Stainless Steel Outdoor Table

stainless steel outdoor table
    stainless steel
  • A form of steel containing chromium, resistant to tarnishing and rust
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stainless steel outdoor table - Camco 57305
Camco 57305 Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel RV Grill
Camco 57305 Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel RV Grill
The Camco Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel RV Grill is designed for RV and outdoor use. It has a high quality lightweight stainless steel barbecue surface that increases flavor without flare-ups. It comes equipped with a versatile two-way mounting bracket included for mounting to the side of your RV or to use as a stand. Its smoker plate is designed to offer the fullest flavor while minimizing grease fires. This grill is quick and easy to assemble and includes a quick-connect hose and valve that utilizes the propane supply on an RVs and trailers that have a built-in low pressure quick-connect propane connection.

The Camco 57305 Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel RV Grill is a unique, high-quality grill designed to be used while attached to your RV, or as a standalone outdoor grill with its included mounting bracket. It is constructed of stainless steel and is compatible with either standard or disposable propane cylinders via a low-pressure quick-connect propane outlet. Additional features include: minimal assembly, a cast iron smoker plate and a one-year limited warranty.
The Camco 57305 Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel RV Grill grilling a meal while attached to the side of an RV
Increased flavor without flare-ups for RV or general outdoor use.
View larger. The Camco 57305 Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel RV Grill standing alone with the use of the mounting bracket
Mounting bracket doubles as table stand.
View larger. The Camco 57305 Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel RV Grill showing a propane hookup
Uses standard or disposable propane cylinders
View larger. The Camco 57305 Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel RV Grill with lid open showing the grill and smoker plate
Smoker plate provides great taste while reducing the chance of grease fires.
View larger.
The Perfect Grilling Option for Your RV
Suitable for use both for RVs and in other outdoor situations, the Olympian RV 5500 is a high-quality lightweight stainless steel barbecue that is designed to increase the flavor of cooked food without causing dangerous flare-ups that you don't want around your vehicle. The unit is constructed of durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel and comes with a versatile mounting bracket which allows for use along the side of your RV or to use as a stand. Its patented smoker plate is designed to offer the fullest flavor while minimizing the chance of flare-ups by vaporizing grease. Add to this quick and easy assembly and compatibility with both standard commercial or disposable LP cylinders and you have the perfect grilling option for your RV.
Multi-pupose Mounting Bracket
Use with Your RV or Trailer
If the RV or trailer has a preinstalled mounting rail, the provided mounting bracket can be used to hang the grill from the side of the RV or trailer. The mounting bracket can be attached by holding it at a 45-degree angle over the mounting rail and sliding it onto the aluminum mounting rail and then slowly lowering towards the trailer or RV. The horizontal mount channel on the side of the bottom housing has small tabs that will lock into the grooves on the support arms. Slide the grill to the desired location and then allow the tabs to lock in place. Make sure the grill is square on both support arms.
General Outside Use
The mounting bracket doubles as a table stand if you want to use the grill away from the RV or trailer. Set the mounting bracket on the table or other flat surface with the support arms pointing up. Position the grill with the back toward the springs on the mounting bracket and slide the support arms into the vertical mount channels on the side of the grill. The mounting bracket has leveling rubber bumpers for balancing or leveling the grill.
Standard or Disposable Propane Cylinders
Your new grill is designed to operate with an RV or trailer equipped with a low-pressure quick-connect propane outlet. When you receive your grill it will be factory equipped with the proper propane gas quick-connect and hose assembly to connect to your RV or trailer. If the RV or trailer does not have a low-pressure quick-connect propane outlet, you may purchase an accessory hose that will connect your grill to a 5 lb or 20 LB propane cylinder or to a 1 LB throwaway cylinder. There are several other options to use your RV or trailer's propane if you are not already equipped.
Key Features
Attaches directly to mounting rail of your RV or trailer
Mounting bracket allows for use away from your vehicle
Minimal assembly required
Utilizes either standard or disposable propane cylinders via a low-pressure, quick-connect propane outlet
Made of durable and easy-to-maintain stainless steel
One-year limited warranty
What's in the Box
A nearly fully assembled grill
Burner assembly
Control valve assembly
Mounting bracket
Cooking grate
Cast iron smoker plate
Grease tray
All necessary hardware
One Year Limited Warranty
The manufacturer extends a (1) year warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser of this product if used under normal conditions of operations. If this product fails to operate because of a manufacturing defect, the defective part will be repaired or replaced on written consent of Camco Mfg., Inc. This warranty covers only the repair or replacement of parts and does not cover labor or shipping costs.
About Camco Manufacturing
Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Camco started in 1966 with one employee and one product. Today over 40 years later, they employ more than 350 employees and produce over 3,000 products in five manufacturing facilities. Competitive pricing, superior service, quality products and customer satisfaction are the foundations upon which Camco operates, while their friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff stands ready to assist our customers with any questions.

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Leaf Cutter Bee Block, Hand Crafted, On Etsy
Leaf Cutter Bee Block, Hand Crafted, On Etsy
Much like the mason bee, the smaller later-season leafcutter bee is a cavity-nester. The perfect accessory for anyone with a garden, this popular tool is sure to help bring more fruit and vegetables to the table. Simply hang it on a wall from its stainless steel hook, preferably facing East or South, in a sunny spot where the box will be sheltered. An ideal location is on a wall that will receive morning sunlight. Unable to burrow nests for their young, Leafcutter Bees usually nest in abandoned beetle burrows in dead logs. They have been shown to prefer smooth 1/4” holes, which I mimic precisely, using extra-sharp tools to cut the holes. Upon selecting a nest cavity, the female Leafcutter Bee starts collecting leaf bits to build an initial partition at the far end of the nest cavity. Fascinating to watch, like a tiny electric can opener, the female leafcutter uses her mandibles to cut nearly perfect semicircular pieces from smooth, lightweight leaves to create cells and line her nests. Once this partition is ready, she goes out to collect pollen to provide food for the eggs she will lay in a linear fashion from the bottom of the cavity, leaf, pollen, egg, leaf, pollen, egg until the cavity is nearly filled. The final layer is always a heavier deposit of chewed leaves, to protect her growing babies from harm. The following spring, the fresh bees emerge, to start the cycle all over again, collecting pollen, and pollinating your garden at the same time.
Ping Pong Plaza by Buster Simpson
Ping Pong Plaza by Buster Simpson
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck faces Charles Darwin on this table leg!

stainless steel outdoor table