Round Glass Top Kitchen Tables - Brook Console Table - Wooden Table And Bench.

Round Glass Top Kitchen Tables

round glass top kitchen tables
    glass top
  • Any table whose playing field is covered by a sheet of glass. Prevalent in pubs in England.
  • This refers to a foosball table that is topped with glass.
  • Cuisine
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Industrial entry plan and progress update
Industrial entry plan and progress update
Landing Strip delayed for new project. Progress Report: I didn't take enough photos. First 2 wks I completed deep clean of Kitchen. By moving my vacuum to a different closet with easier access, I had room to add 2 more shelves to my kitchen pantry, which then created room for small appliances that I love but don’t use everyday. This completely cleared off my countertops!!! I also discovered that my many magnetic spice containers on the side of my frig could be neatly stacked on the back/top of my stove/range with a less cluttered look. Over the weekend: I filled my truck with donations and took out tons of recycling and trash from culled files and outboxes. I’m at a 50% stage of purging the entire household. LANDING STRIP: Monday, I started to refinish/DIY the junk dresser for my "landing-strip"/non-existent foyer and I enlisted Matt to design and build a steel structure to support a grid for my /coat rack. I had purchased some gridwall panels on Craigslist, to create a gridwork for my coatrack/Landing Strip, but decided I needed even more structure. I’ve committed to adding an industrial architectural structure to my interior entry. I’ll take some how-to photos when we build it next weekend. This adds another week to completing my Landing Strip. At 25% now. Entry dresser will hold keys, sunglasses, small office supplies, sort mail, bottom drawers for shoes. FRONT ROOM: Alcove project in progress: Hung large mirrors and moved low black, modern dresser from bedroom (use 3 drawers for clothing and 3 drawers for supplies. into front room alcove under the black framed mirrors. I’m adding a few touches to the mirror installation before I take a photo. Purchased smaller mirrors to hang over the installed mirror. Project is at 60%. Big Purchase: Refurbished Flat Panel TV on Ebay and a Media Cabinet with 6 drawers, black finish, all wood, found at HomeGoods; fits perfectly between two big bookcases (Expedits purchased last year on Craigslist. I have a truck and tools and I’m not afraid to use them….) Drawers hold Office paper supplies and owner manuals. I followed Maxwell’s advice and purchased longer cable cord so that I could move the TV out of the alcove. This began the process of opening up the entire room. Last Year’s Big Purchases: 2 Ikea Expedits on Craigslist, Red Afghan Khal Muhammadi Rug, handwoven Rug 6’ X9’ on Ebay: seller: Pakobel purchased for under 300.00 including shipping… just beautiful. Moved office from Bedroom to Front Room. I had just begun this office move when the Cure began. Behind on editing and organizing books, files, office equipment and wires, wires, wires. Also purchased a Wireless printer and several devices for organizing/hiding wires. I’m at 55% here. Where to place the printer? How to place the red rug to accommodate table and chairs? May need to place rug all the way under the couch in order to leave more room for the table w chairs? Shotgun floorplan leaves few choices for rug and sofa placement…. What color shall I paint the round white table (20.00 on Craigslist) ? Red, gray, ivory? Or should I actually work WHITE table and chairs into the room? I’m trying merge my love of a dark library room with my love of clean modern lines. Paint blonde modern Thonet chairs (4 purchased on Craigslist for 25 ea) either grey or ivory? Moved the mid-century steel barrister bookcases to the bedroom. KITCHEN: finish the dropleaf on last year’s DIY kitchen table/island or dismantle add-ons and use as table/island without storage? Leave all dark walnut or paint top grey? BEDROOM: filled the rest of the bedroom closet with shelves. Complete purge and organizing. BATHROOM: need to complete DIY niche and deep purge of big storage, hang long ago purchased shower curtain in front of ugly glass shower stall.
This Mcdonalds is located on 10th ave in Hillsboro, Oregon. It has a bit of a history. It was bulit on top of an old basement in the 1980s. I worked for another Mcdonalds in town back in 2007-2008 and my boss told me that this Mcdonalds pictured can not be remodeled because they illegally bulit it on top of the old basement. If they ever wanted to redo this Mcdonalds they need to tear down and rebulid. Unsure if they could do inside work and add a fresh coat of paint to the outside. Inside is a typical older mcdonalds. Two entrances. Long "hallway" with tables and chairs leading to the restroom. Decor is gray, red and black with pictures of older Mcdonalds from the 1950s and a few coke-a-cola decals on round glass surrounded by block glass. The store did have the soda machine and the condiment table on the actual counter where you pay. It was moved along the front wall in the eating area around 2004, with a larger soda machine. they removed 2 tables. 2008 brought the mcCafe coffees that removed an old walkway leading in the kitchen. The new walkway was added on the other side. Playground got a minor update last year. They removed the old done lighting for more mordern spot light. In 1995 a local elementary school buried a time capsule on site. In 2015 they will dig it up. This is the oldest mcdonalds in town.

round glass top kitchen tables