Oak Telephone Tables

oak telephone tables
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oak telephone tables - Country Cottage
Country Cottage Telephone End Table
Country Cottage Telephone End Table
Country Cottage Telephone End Table. Add the classic antique white telephone stand from the Country Cottage Collection to your existing home decor. Finished in an antique white and cherry veneer finish. Lower shelf in cherry finish for additional storage. Sculpted wood legs with an added storage drawer to keep your address book, pens and other accessories in one convenient area. Can also be used as an accent furniture piece to showcase all your pictures, collectibles and accessories. Add style and elegance to your home with all our pieces in the Country Cottage Collection. Storage drawer Additional shelf for extra storage Assembly required Measures: 15.5" L x 17" W 29" H Weight: 23 lbs.

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There's a phone call from a Mr Robin for you
There's a phone call from a Mr Robin for you
This young Robin has been coming to the front door several times a day and accepting little treats from us. My wife left a small bowl with some of his favourites by the phone to make it easier to throw a little food to him. Last night she commented that she thought some of the food had disappeared. When I opened the front door early this morning I very quickly found out why! Mr Robin immediately skipped inside and flew up onto the telephone table, grabbed a suet pellet and flew off again. Unfortunately this is not well focussed, but I'll use the excuse that this was a genuine Grab 'n Shoot photo!
Stop Thief !
Stop Thief !
A slightly better second shot of this juvenile Robin redbreast flying into the house to steal food from the little china bowl next to our telephone. I was better prepared for him this time having figured out that this had become a regular occurrence! Caught red handed!

oak telephone tables