Artist's Profile

After an innings in homemaking and family care like most Indian women, some years ago, at 50, she decided to apply her innate creativity to art and take it up as a profession. Breaking away from tradition is reflected in her unique art pieces like Tanjore art based jewellery boxes and wall clocks. With no formal training but intense passion and drive for perfection, her art isn't limited to a particular medium or form and stands out on its own. The projects she undertakes are either self-inspired or custom orders to cater to specific requirements. She accommodates requirements vague or specific without sacrificing the quality of work. Whether it is confirming to interior decoration of homes/pooja rooms/offices or halls in public places, she is full of ideas on how to cater to the various needs. Her current work and collection is on display at her studio.

Her paintings have been bought by art lovers in different parts of India and abroad.  Some of her work is on display in art galleries at a few airports in India.  

She has held solo exhibitions and also participated in group exhibitions in India and the USA.

She teaches Tanjore Paintings, oil paintings and other arts.