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  • Adelaide Arcade: This is absolutely an amazing place for shopping. I went there yesterday, experiences 3 shops - a souvenir shop, a game shop, and Eve's gift - (for lady's underwear). The first impression is so nice - authentic - dedicated theme and design of the Arcade, you are in another space and time of an European Aussie. Aussie authentic product is the second impression. You will find the elegant taste of true Aussie people, which has been refined and inherited during the intense history of the convict time. The last - but definitely not the least - impression is professional and amazing service in which customers are kind and queen. From the young man in the game shop to the old ladies in the souvenir shop, they all give you a satisfying felling and RELAXING when shopping... Customers can easily find what they want, fits their pockets and feel happy about their choices! That what amazed me!

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  • Adelaide Arcade: Einfach ein fantastisch er Ort um einkaufen zu gehen. Der erste eindruck: "authentisch australisch". Hier findet man alles vom Spielen bis Souveniers in einem traditionellen Gebäude unter professioneller Leitung. Hier findet jeder was er braucht und kann seine seine Taschen füllen. Einfach fantastisch!