I am a CPM or Certified Professional Midwife, certified by NARM and currently licensed in the state of Utah. I am the mother of 10 children, 4 of my own from my previous marriage and 4 are my loving husband's kids and now we have two little ones together! I have a very happy family with good values and standards. I am a very "Out of the box" thinker by today's standards when it comes to over all personal health and wellness. Having babies is no different. I had natural childbirth with all of my children, 4 of my 6 children were home births. I have always had a fondness for midwifery along side my passion for natural health care. I have been very excited with learning this trade, becoming familiar with the skills passed down from generation to generation coupled with new knowledge of innovation and technology. I am a believer in the power a woman has to understand the process of child birth, the power to over come fear and pain, the most personally changing event in her entire life and turn it into one of the best learning and strengthening moments of her womanhood. The ability to overcome the societal doubts hidden inside of us, is the right of passage into becoming a fearless mother in the years to come, with a threshold to overcome obstacles. It is our privilege as empowered women to take each day with our children as a flow and not as an impossibility wrought with wining and personal doubt.
In my training I have been a part of many many amazing birth experiences. I have been taught by over 6 different midwives with several full time students at my side.
I am very excited to incorporate this passion for midwifery into my life and use it to offer you a very professional yet tender and caring birth experience.

I am very fortunate to be part of an alliance of midwives that back each other up and attend births together. They are all amazing ladies that I would highly recommend to any expecting parents!
Meet The Team!!

Sherri Price is in Pleasant Grove, she is an intuitive and very experienced midwife that we love having on our team:

Roxanna Maurer is our Spanish Fork midwife, she is very caring and loving and is also our Foot zoning specialist: (801) 787-1400

Eva Price in Highland is just finishing her NARM testing for her CPM, she is also an incredible master herbalist:

Janee Heimdal is an amazing and compassionate midwife in Provo, she has a tender heart and tender hand:

Lisa Pugh in Provo, is also a great asset to any birthing team, she is a decisive and smart midwife: